Thursday, December 21, 2006

Remaking the Way We Make Things

"Consider this, all the ants on the planet, taken together, have a biomass greater than that of humans. Ants have been incredibly industrious for millions of years. Yet their productiveness nourishes plants, animals and soil.

Human industry has been in full swing for little over a century, yet it has brought about a decline in almost every ecosystem on the planet.

Nature does not have a design problem. People do."

An abstract from Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things by William McDonough and Michael Braungart

Friday, November 17, 2006

The girls in our house

During Araz´ visit!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My work: introduction

A snapshot, really.

Today me and my colleague were putting together an overview of sustainability (socio-evironmental) products the bank offers to its clients: investments into environmentally friendly technology, into working capital, mobility and education related products etc.

While doing that we had a meeting with a guy from products department, he's responsible for sustainability products and here's something I wanted to share.

Earlier today, a representative of a company had come to him to know more about what the bank can offer for his business. And that company itself is whom I wanted to introduce you.

A company called GOOC, a Brazilian one, founded by a Vietnamese businessman who immigrated to Brazil about 30 years ago or so. Do check out the web site as well. What was amazing is that all he produces is made of recycled materials: sandals, clothes, bags, wallets etc etc etc.
Very very nice things.
He has 500 manual workers here in Sao Paulo, offering employment for the underprivileged and less educated groups in society.

A business like that amazes me with how they see their role in society, the way they do business, understand the life cycle of products and resources etc etc. It's seems like such a sophisticated way of doing business, especially compared to the lectures I remember from uni highlighting the "obvious" role of business - to make as much money as possible.

"The objective of business is to maximize its profits" drums in my head from uni.
Luckily I have come a long way since then, and maybe see a bit bigger picture. Longer term at least.

In this new context of doing business, the role of banks is definitely changing. "I hate banking" said another great person I encountered today "in its traditional sense, like it was 10 years ago or so". Today surely the business is changing.

What's the economic, social and environmental impact of each dollar invested, we ask today.

Guys, I am sooooo excited being part of the process of asking and trying to answer these questions.

Friday, October 20, 2006

"How are you?"

asked a friend I hadn't talked to in a looooongg while. Well, I was somewhat confused when trying to define for myself how am I...I came to a concept of 'multidimensional well-being', depends on how and what to look at!

The easiest is my work - it's f***ing excellent, else it's been high on emotions. The past, the present, the future...memories and experiences all sort of crashed this week....actually really really crashed.

"I'm doing good" was the quick sum-up of the multitude of dimensions, which in the end was true. Doing good or bad is up to me, right, so I prefer to be doing good. And mostly I manage.

"You could say "hi" sometimes" said the friend. Yeah I had not done that in a while...part of it due to memories I didn't want to have awakened, a big part.

"Yeah, I will", I said, "But only if you promise that the conversation goes beyond "How are you?" - "I'm doing good? and you?"" was my condition.

He promised.

Footnote: actually there's many things that are f***ing excellent.
Trying thinking of 100 things you love in life, you'll see.

Wanna retire at the age of 37?

Scanning through my mailbox, I came acrosse a book review from a motivational webstie's mailing-list, which went like this:

"The decision to review this book was my interest in the author's ability to retire at age 37. How can anyone afford to retire at the age of 37? What was he doing that I was not?

After reading the book, I could see how the author was able to achieve success. I wish that I had read this book 20 years ago; perhaps I would now be retired if I had implemented his thinking. You can be sure that now after reading the book I am applying the author's thinking to my own life.

While the author points out and gives you real life examples of how he achieved success, there is one predominant thought throughout the book that can assist you in achieving success. Read the book, you will find the secret as the author repeats and reinforces this point many times. Reflect on this point and you will see it truly is a secret of success!"

Quite amusing to read eh!
Isn't the fundamental idea of all the motivational stuffs to encourage people to find their passion in life, find passion for what they are doing. So that assumption in place, why would anyone want to retire from something that s/he loves doing :D

Hehee or is that book for the ones that have failed to channel their passion in their professional life and would thus seek to retire at the age of 37?
mmm...come to think of it, could one say that the people that long for early retirement have actually failed to find their passion in professional life and would thus try to make a quick run-through on a career that would allow to retire as soon as possible?

What's success anyway? Would you think the same 30 years from now?

Anyway, if you want to know what book it was, ask me :)

Monday, October 16, 2006

The European Union has no hope?

According to the London School of Economics, the European Union has no hope of achieving its goal of becoming the most competitive economy in the world by 2010 (the goal stated in the Lisbon agenda).

In an attempt to close the productivity gap with the US, the EU, in 2000, launched its Lisbon Agenda, aimed at fostering innovation, research and entrepreneurship across Europe, but a study published by the LSE’s Centre for Economic Performance (CEP) notes that the US is still much more productive than the EU mainly due to:

- Unwillingness of EU member states to implement product and labour market reforms;

- Failure to create a Community patent – which makes registering a patent in the EU five times more expensive than in the US;

- Lack of investment in research: with a ratio of R&D to GDP that “has never gone past 2% let alone got anywhere close to the 3% target”, the EU lags behind Japan and the US and is being caught up by China;

- Brain drain: the EU will soon have a shortage of highly-qualified R&D staff because the US remains “the preferred destination for migrant scientists”, and;

- A badly targeted budget: the CEP suggests that the EU could make better progress by adapting its budget “to reflect the Lisbon vision”.

The study states that without wide-ranging reforms: “The reality is that Europe will not achieve the objectives for 2010, if at all.”

Interesting ain't it?!!

In addition, the headlines like - EU innovation goals 'doomed'; Single-market policies are failing; EU falls behind on cutting red tape etc etc make you really wonder about the future of the EU eeeh! Intriguing!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Family weekends

Meet my roommate Piret!! In fact there's 8 more of them: Filipe who works with Piret in the SSGN, and 7 members of the national team of AIESEC in Brazil. I shall introduce them to you later!

Wanted to share about nice weekends we are spending with Piret and the others here! The following was supposed to come out on my blog already 2 weeks ago, but never really got that far :), here it comes now!

Family weekend at home 23.-24.09.2006

Piret has now been back after almost a month in Europe, she participated in the International Congress in Poland as she’s working in AIESEC, she’s the Social Entrepreneurship Talent Development Coordinator in Spanish Speaking Growth Network (eheh sounds fancy eh!!). So now our family is complete :)

During the weekdays we don’t see that much, I leave home at around 8:30, and get back around 20.00..depending on the schedule and social program in the City :D, the work finishes officially at 18.00, but usually people stay a bit later, for example staying until 19.00 wouldn’t be unusual at all. Paulistas work hard!

Some things about our family life :) - after realizing that since the food here in Brasil is sooooo good (and thus „dangerous“ for anyone who tries to get ready for the beach season), we started our sports program :D, going running at least twice a week! We thought of taking it easy for the beginning.

There’s a park nearby our house, called Aclimacao where we go in the evenings. It’s open until 20.00, so we have to leave at least 19.15 to get there. Sometimes Gabiru from the MC joins us as well.

This weekend we had a „family weekend“ with Piret :). On Saturday we first went jogging, then did laundary and cleaned the house! We also wanted to go to churrasco at Alexandra’s, but since we got soaking wet in the rain, we turned back to the house, ordered pizza, watched TV in the upstairs TV room, and enjoyed a bottle of Argentinean wine Piret brought along from her trip....mmmm....was delicious!! (ooo I love red wine!)

Today we kept on the same spirit :D (I mean the family weekend not the wine), after jogging and swimming (Piret went swimming), we went to Ana Rosa to do shopping for our house: a frying pan, bed covers and sheets, floor cover for bathroom (a green fish...hehe you should see that one!), some tableware were some of the things we got...we came back like camels! and as we walked by a shoeshop, we both got a pair of black shoes for just 25 R each...hehe we really needed these ;))))

Family weekend in Curitiba 29.09 - 01.10.2006

That weekend we travelled to Curitiba, 6 hours away from Sao Paulo. Left on Friday nite and got back on Monday morning, went pretty much straight to work!
The afternoon with feijoada and wine, the eye museum and Japanese exhibition there, the tower (Torre do smth) for grasping a sight across the city in lights at night, bar with Brazilian music, visit to Maria's house, the fair on Sunday morning in the city center, visit to the movies... It was all soooooooooooooooo perfectly niiiccceeeee and relaxing weekend!!
Thanks Lizi for that!!!
Some pics here!

And another one, family weekend in Sao Paulo 7.-8.10.2006

On Saturday we went to Ashoka event: it was meant for young entrepreneurs, I think about 16 to 24 years old youth that want to contribute to the society. Ashoka usually works with older people, but that was the first event they had for the youth, more than 100 selected people attended. What was really really good was that there were people from different social backgrounds, even from favelas. It amazed me how socially aware the youth were!! They had all their own ideas what they wanted to do, what to change in the society, in the community around them: projects for people with special needs, educational projects on how improve the literacy rate, awareness of sustainable development in their community, how to market handicrafts made by the poorest in society, how to improve the use of recycled materials, and these are just a few examples!
Amazing, and really really inspiring!

Sunday, that is today, was a total sports day...heheh if we continue like that we can soon run a marathon :D
After getting up at 10 in the morning, me, Piret and Rod went pretty much straight to Ibirapuera, which is a huge park 45 minutes walking distance from our house. So we walked to the park, me and Piret went running and Rod played basketball. And we run for 1 hour non-stop!! whiew..I think I am beating my personal records soon. After that we were exercising and streching for another hour!! oooh it was very very relaxing and it felt amazing!

The park is packed with people running, walking, cycling, playing basketball or soccer, having picnic etc etc. It has perfect trails for running and walking - I think even the least interested person in physical excercises, would become a sports fan there (eventually at least :).

After 3 hours in the park, we headed back to our house - yeah another 45 minutes walk!! - actually it took more, since we walked "a bit" further to have dinner together.
Ohhh soooo perfect eh!!

Footnote: I look at myself from aside and it's amusing to see myself getting into the sports again. I've always loved sports, but after being one of the top atheletes in my high school I went to 1-excercise-a-month-if-I-have-time kinda person some time later, just didn't prioritize regular physical activity that that I do it again, feels great!!
And doing it with Piret helps! If one feels lazy, the other kicks ass!

Friday, September 29, 2006

One month later!

Actually I intended to post this piece already a few days ago, but for various reasons, it got delayed :))), in any case it's more or less update of my first month in Brazil!

Precisely, on the 13th of September 1 month passed since I arrived in Sao Paulo. Whieww time flies, really!! Hehe I already feel 1 year sill go wayyy too fast. But well, just need to take the max out of it I guess...

Just to put down, short and simple, the highlights of the first month:
- getting settled in my new home! Piret was away for almost one month (attending IC, going home), so I was on my own in our downstairs apartment of the MC house. Good that the MC gang is just a few staircases up, so whenever I’d feel toooo alone (which actually happens quite rarely, but still), I’d have the chance to go upstairs, where the TV room is the most common place for gathering in the evenings, sometimes through the whole night as well :D

- getting settled at workplace - it’s amazing! I know I am really really lucky to have been selected for the job in eduction and sustainable development department here in Banco Real. I believe it’s one of the leading companies globally in integrating CSR/SD in the daily practice. And to part of it, is amazing! Of course the company has a long way to go still compared to ideals, but it’s so inspiring to be part of the process. The first month went pretty much on meeting with all my collegues about their projects, attending some trainings and lectures, and project meetings, also getting myself assigned to one particularly intesting one on the business case of CSR. Good stuffs! Oh, and my collegues are super, I really enjoy being part of the team there!

- Learning portugese is another big task of mine. I haven’t been as tough on myself as I should be, meaning that I don’t try to speak Portugese in any possible moment (huuh I know I know, I should!!). I’m particularly lazy about that in our house, since everyone here speaks perfect English! Huh, I shall try to improve! Me and Diana from Canada started to take Portugese classes twice a week, have had it for 2 weeks now, surely helps! Gustavo – our teacher – is really cool guy as well!
But imagine that, all the meetings at work are in Portugese! After day full of meetings, my brain is really fried! Havent experienced learning a new language in a while, so I was wondering how it would feel :))), frustrating sometimes, but exciting at the same time.
I am persistant in a sense that I keep attending all possible events even if I don't understand much. I shall do that in some time for sure! Right now it goes with ups and downs, sometimes I feel I understand almost everything and the next day is as if I didn't know a word!!! huuhh!!!

- AIESEC involvement :), hehehe I still (after 7 years of being in AIESEC) feel very very motivated about number of AIESEC stuffs, discussing national and local strategies and their implementation, participating in meetings etc. Like always there’re are some issues related to exchange management, but I haven’t seen an LC that doesn’t face these challenges, and my conduct with the LC GV here has been really constructive, I like the AIESEC people here.
A week ago I was participating at TREMN (seminar for new members), where I also gave a session on CSR (no surprise eh :D), I really enjoyed. Got additional motivation to give my contribution in AIESEC in Brasil. I think it'll be more or less around CSR though.
Since I live in the MC house, I am still in the middle of it all!! Oh and one of my tasks at work is to support the delivery on ABN-AIESEC partnership :P

- Paraty. 7th of September was an independence day for Brasil, so it meant a long weekend for the working people ;). So 10 of us (mostly trainees here in Sao Paulo) went for a 4 day trip to Paraty, a wonderful small town by the beach near Rio...mmm....we went by 2 cars, rented a lovely chalet just by the beach 5 minutes from Paraty, enjoyed the beaches, the town, took a whole day long boat trip to the nearby islands, went trecking to cachoeiras (waterfalls) with Gerardo and Alexandra etc! Was really really relaxing and enjoyable weekend! I shall get some pictures up here as well!

- Social life in Sao Paulo - the city here never sleeps! One could go clubbing every day of a week here, not to mention numberous restuarants of all sorts of cuisines from all around the world, museums, shows, concerts etc. That all naturally means we cant stay in the house either – Tuesday nights in Buena Vista dancing salsa with other trainees, occassional beers in Opcao with collegues or trainees, clubbing with friends, b-day parties of friends of friends’, churrascos etc etc. that's shortly (but really shortly though) it, I promise to improve with updates on my blog!

oh and some great news!! Taavi and Kadri are coming to visit!!! Yehuuuu!!! on 25th of Feb they shall arrive!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

"You've got to find what you love!"

"Remembering that I'll be dead soon is the most important tool I've ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything — all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure - these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important.

Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart."


"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice.

And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary."


A snapshots of the text of the Commencement address by Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computer and of Pixar Animation Studios, delivered on June 12, 2005.
A good one! Found it on Filipe's blog :)

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Trainees in Sao Paulo

A really great bunch of people! Fun!!

Monday, August 21, 2006

One week after & intro to SP

It's been a week since I arrived here in Sao Paulo, but really feels as I have been here for a while already. I feel at home in our house, the other guys that live here - the national team of AIESEC in Brazil and Filipe and Piret from the regional board - are great, I know already a little bit around the city. The basic places like my work place, local AIESEC office (AIESEC Getulio Vargas), way home, where to buy food etc.

Today I even managed to find my way to the Ibirapuera park alone; met up with other trainees and enjoyed a jazz concert there. Finding the place was fun :D...I had the directions and bus numbers and everything, but still I had to practice some Portunol (the mix of Spanish and Portugese) to find the right bus stop, to take the bus to the right direction, to get off at a right place...etc...I could make myself more or less clear to the person I was talking to, but the challenge was to understand the response...was funny :D, I enjoyed :D:D

A few words about Sao Paulo:
It's grreattt!!
It is huge cosmopolitan city, with more than 10 million (probably a way more) people from all shapes and sizes - you can see here people with roots from Europe, Africa, Asia, Americas.

While in Ecuador I stood out as blond European, here's not much of a significance - you can see many blond people here as well as people from all other places!! Mixture of nationalities!! One can never know if a random person on the street is Brazilian or not, because their looks vary greatly and even I myself could pass for a Brasileira (IF I spoke Portugese...with proper accent of course!!).

Everyone seems to love it here - the trainees, the AIESEC people, everyone else I've talked to.
They say it's the best place in terms of food: you can find better Italian food here than in Italy (no offence Italians, that's what I have heard)!

Life never stops here, one has enormous opportunities here in terms of entertainment, going out to clubs, museums, shopping etc.
It's the heart of business of Brasil, and maybe even in the whole South America. It surely is the largest city in South America.
People say that SP is not Brasil :) - it's soooo huge, diverse, a NYC...and people here have respective life style.

Paulista Avenue is one of the main streets - they even call it the Wall Street of SP -, and that's were I am also going to work. Most other trainees also work in the neighbourhood. Imagine, how the surroundings of my work look like at day time: endless number of skyscrapers, 4 lines of cars on the streets (at least, or maybe 6, havent counted actually), businessmen and -women on their daily tasks rushing somewhere, holding a briefcase/laptop, wearing nice suits, dresses...I guess you can imagine!
Banco Real office is 17 storeyed building on Paulista, they say there's around 4-5000 people working in this building alone!!! Beats the largest companies in Estonia.
Earlier I thought I'd like to try living in a huge city like SP, and here it is - all open for me to discover. I am happy that I ended up in Latin America, so far (Ecuador, Colombia, a bit of Panama and now Brasil) I love it!!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

How to change the world?

How to change the world?
It´s a book that tells the stories of people around the globe who are solving many of the world's most intractable problems. Full of hope and energy, exciting solutions and compelling characters, this book shows how a growing wave of "social entrepreneurs"- individuals with initiative, creativity, savvy and determination- are reshaping the world for the better.

Amazing things related to social entrepreneurship are happening all around the world, in Brazil, Estonia etc etc.

Yesterday I had an opportunity to go to an event held by Artemisia foundation, a platform for social entrepreneurs. It was one of many activities that they run withing their young entrepreneurs program. Exciting exciting stuffs!! Hub of amazing people and mindblowing ideas and actions. Felt very much like back home where people with similar thoughts, passions and drive were around me! Pirru, Kairi, Artur, Margo and others, I need to get back to you related to that!!

PS. the book How to Change the World by David Bornstein is available in English, Spanish, Estonian (!!), Portugese and probably many other languages! Do check it out if you haven´t yet!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Leaving home, coming home

Just now finished my second day in Sao Paulo, my new home city for the next one year at least.
By the end of today I already feel settled in at home, kinda... quick adaptation :), at least to the immediate surroundings here.
I know I have loooootttsss to learn about the city, the people, the life styles and tradtions, the language (!!!!) etc etc...and I am excited!! I think I've kept telling that to all the people I have met today :))), my new collegues at work, AIESEC members in the LC office etc etc. That's cos I really feel that, I am soooooo excited!!!

I am living with Piret, another Estonian girl who is working in AIESEC here. We share an apartment in the MC house: 3 storeyed house in a neighbourhood called Vila Mariana, nice peacful place just about 30 minutes from my work (by metro of course :).

First impressions of SP, you ask - whohoooo whatta metropol!!! was what came to my mind when I first saw the area, where I am going to work: Paulista Avenue. It's one of the high avenues in SP, one skyscraper after from somewhere it's called NY of Latin America. No doubt it seems to be that, but with a Latin touch ;)...compared to Guayaquil, it's like another world.

Yet, I cant continue without expressing my gratitude to the people that made my stay in Ecuador just so great!! Meeli, Tommaso, Aga, Aneta and Ina, the ATAMI family, David, Jorge, Carlos and many many others from AIESEC, Thanks!! I had super good time!
And I've got all the pics!! That was funny :D:D - burnig CDs in the airport lobby from Tommaso's laptop so that the airlines officials were already looking for me and I was the last person to run to the plane!! (But at least I got the pics :D)

Leaving Ecuador felt weird, I was emotionally confused as I was having this empty creepy feeling of leaving behind the people that I had met, lived with, and become good friends with - the people that were already part of my living abroad experience -; instead of being excited for the new start awaiting ahead in a sense it was different from when I left Estonia in the end of June. Then, after saying the good-byes, I pretty much focused only on what was waiting for me ahead, no looking back then.
Leaving Ecuador...had to look back :))), so again, thanks guys, we'll keep in touch! And remember, now it's your turn to visit me in SP ;)

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Last days in Ecuador

I still have 10 more days in Ecuador.
By the end I will have spent 1,5 months here in this unexpectedly nice country. Regarding the last notion, a comment. I've read some other people's blogs about Ecuador and their experiences here and not all of them are so pleasant.

Although I like the nature here (the mountains, the playas!), I think for me the main difference comes from actually knowing people who live here (not all locals, but who at least stay here for longer time like the AIESEC trainees), and enjoying the usual everyday moments being part of a great bunch of people. Feeling like in a family :)), that usually doesn't happen if one is a tourist in any country.

What's amazing is that AIESEC has enabled me (and shall do that in the future as well) to create such a network that I'd have an opportunity to feel quite like at home in any place I go. Amazing!! Makes the world really small, in spite of the fact that distances are sometimes wayyyy tooo long.

Just a few days ago I was e-mailing with my old friends from Rotary, other exchange students that were in USA in 1996-97 - a year that I spent in high school in Illinois. They are Brazilians living in Sao Paulo and one will be almost my neighbour there!!! How cool is that!!!!

But back to my life here...Meeli has a vacation right now, so we are both taking it rather easy: wake up at 9-10, take bakeries, yoghurt, milk from across the street, check e-mails in a nearby internet cafe, go to the city for a little while or to the AIESEC office.
Then meet the others coming from work and see what happens, usally something for sure!!
Monday night we enjoyed a nice cafe in Las Penas until past midnight, called Arthur's (or smth). Very nice place on the hill with a romanitic view to the river, especially so at night!
Yesterday had Luigi's B-day dinner (an Italian dude working for AIESEC here) at Roxanas, and today...who knows :))

We plan to see a butterfly exhibition with Meeli now :D

Here some pics of the ATAMI family:

Friday, July 28, 2006

A letter home vol 2 (in Estonian)


1 kuu Ecuadori on seljataga ja see kõlab nagu hea võimalus järjekordne kirjatükk teele saata. Tegelt võiks siin vist igast päevast raamatu kirjutada, aga selle mõtte matan maha juba eos :D.

Niisiis, lühidalt öeldes on viimase 2 nädala tippsündmusteks olnud: nädal Colombias Albertol külas (supervastuvõtt ja superriik, soovitan!!), kiirpeatus Panamal, tagasi Guayaquilis töö AIESECis ja chill siinsete sõpradega, mida kroonis viimane nädalavahetus väikelinnas Cuencas, kus muu hulgas teise Eesti tüdrukuga jõe ääres väikse õlle võtsime folgi meenutuseks :)

Lugejakirjade põhjal on tänase kirja „teemadeks“: mehed, naised,
seks ja jalgpall

Taustaks pean veel ütlema, et seltskond, kellega kõige rohkem kokku puutun, on väga rahvusvaheline, nimeks ATAMI family. ATAMI tuleb Agnieszka, Tommaso, Aneta, Meeli ja Ina nimetähtedest. Nad pärit Poolast, Itaaliast, Eestist ja Rumeeniast ja töötavad kõik Guyaquilis.
Kõik ägedad tegelased, nii et ma tunnen ennast siin täiesti koduselt.
Ja „family“ on absoluutselt õige sõna...heheh...tegelt on meil selline Simpsonite perekond :D..Homer ja Maggie ja kõiksevärk.
Pea igal õhtul toimub midagi ning lisaks meie oma „perele“ on meil siin ka kohalikke sõpru/tuttavaid, nii et igav ei veel ei ole hakanud ja tõenäoliselt ei hakka ka :D

Nagu öeldud, puutun lisaks praktikantide seltskonnale kokku ka muu aieseci rahvaga ja siis mõnel määral kohalikega...nii igapäevase suhtluse käigus. Et ühesõnaga, kui meestsest rääkida, siis mõned sellised huvitavad tähelepanekud:

- viisakad. üks reegel tundub olevat, et naised lastakse igal juhul enne uksest sisse, olgu neid või 20, aga mehed ikka uksest enne läbi ei lähe. Ma pole kindel, kas see päris alati kehtib, aga igaljuhul on see vahel päris naljakas. Ka buss peatub alati, kui naised peale või maha tahavad minna. Mehed peavad kohati ka liikuvast transpordivahendist maha saama (ma peaks vist natuke pikemalt sellest bussisüsteemist rääkima mingil hetkel).

- meeldib tantsida. üldiselt tundub, et neil on see tantsimise värk sisse sündinud. Eestlastega võrreldes hakkab eriti silma...heheh..tõsijutt noh... Samas on ka neid, kellele üldse ei meeldi kui mõtlema hakkan, siis oskavad isegi need, kellele üldse ei meeldi, ikka päris hästi seda teha...nii et järeldus: see on
neil juba veres, meeldib see neile või mitte.

- tänaval tahavad põhimõtteliselt igat sorti meestele Euroopast päris naisterahvaid kiigata bonita, linda, hi, how are you, welcome jms asju öelda, vilistada jms. Kohati päris naljakas, sest tavaliselt ei hõiguta kaugelt, vaid öeldakse midagi suht tasasel häälel täpselt sinu kõrval olles, isegi juba mööda minnes, nii et mitu korda on selline tunne, et „ehmisseenüüdoli“. Väga hull olukord siiski ei ole ja päris staari tunnet ikka ei ole :D

Pikad lahtised mustad juuksed ja pruunid silmad, kerge ülekaal alates keskeast (või vahel ka varem), soov tingimata kanda kõrge kontsaga kingi (lühema kasvu tõttu), topid ja teksad (jah siin kantakse hoolimata 30+ kraadist teksasid väga palju), samas miniseelikud on siin ka siiski suht popid. Ise käisin eile esimest korda sellise lühemat sorti kleidiga...heheh...päris imelik oli alguses :D. Ma muidu pole soovinud nii suurt tähelepanu tõmmata tänaval, sest nii või naa on tähelepanu
ikka kogu aeg peal.
Keskmine pikkus on siin ehk mingi 155 võrreldes 164-ga Eestis. Mina olen 170, nii et ikka suht pikk - ka meestega võrreldes.

Kuna käisin nädal aega tagasi Colombias Albertol külas, põhjarannikul Cartagenas, Barranquillas ja Santa Martas, siis veel üks tähelepanek sealtkandist: reisides hakkab hästi silma, et rannapiirkondades elavad naisterahvad pööravad oma välimusele väga palju rohkem tähelepanu kui mägede (Quito, Bogota jne) elanikud. Ka Quayaquil, kus preagu elan, pole iseenesest suurem suvituspiirkond, siit lähimasse randa on nii tunni tee jagu. Samas Colombia põhjarannik Kariibi mere ääres on suvitajate paradiis ning sellest tulenevalt usun, et ka Eesti meestele pakuks sealne naispere päris suurt silmarõõmu...hehe...Siia veel täienduseks, et ka iluoperatsioonid on Colombias väga populaarsed ning ka näiteks ülikoolis õppivate tüdrukute hulgas suhteliselt tavaline nähtus. Pidi suhteliselt mõistliku hinnaga olema...nii et kel huvi, siis....
Silmaoperatsioonid laseriga, mis Eestis on 22 000 EEKu pidid Ecuadoris olema 1000 USD ja Colombias veel odavamad, nii et „väike“ hinnavahe on olemas.

Siinmail pidavat olema arusaam, et väga mõistlik pole enne abiellumist „keelatud“ maailma avastada. Selle kõrval tundub jällegi huvitav see, et tänaval avalikult suudlemine, kallistamine, pargipingil semmimine jne tundub täiesti aktsepteeritav olevat. Ka noori emasid (kohati ka alla 20) näeb päris palju, mistõttu ma arvan, et see esimene väide siiski päriselt praktikas paika ei pea. Samas siin vist ongi vastuolu tavade/traditsioonilise maailmavaate ja muutuvate aegade vahel: üks asi
on vanema põlvkonna arvamus sellest, „kuidas asjad võiks/peaks
olema“ ja teine noorema põlvkonna poolt „kuidas nad tegelikult on“.

Kui ma nüüd õigesti aru saanud olen, siis pidavat siinmail näiteks abort keelatud olema. Religioosse ühiskonna sündroom, arvan ma. Päris paljudes Ladina-Ameerika riikides on sama seis. Teisest küljest pidi erakliinikute abil kõik võimalik olevat, mistõttu ma preaguse hetke seisuga ei saa täpselt „keelatuse“ mõistest aru (ei tea, kas see hõlmab siis vaid riigi poolt pakutavat „teenust“).

On siin kuum!! Jalka MMi ajal olid tänavad täis kollastes särkides noori-vanu, tänavail lehvisid bännerid ja kui Ecuaodor mängis, seisis elu igalpool mujal! Ecuadori tiimil on viimaste aastate jooksul aina paremini läinud ning seekordne edasipääs teise ringi oli senini parim tulemus.

„Ecuador - si se puede“ (Ecuador, jah sa suudad) oli slogan, mida kasutati kõikjal. Guayaquilis on ka kaks põhilist tiimi, millest ühe nimi on Barcelona ja teise nime olen unustanud (oops :), mängude ajal ei pidavat igav hakkama, fännid teevad kõvasti möllu oma meeskonna toetuseks!

Olen ka ise mõelnud omale jalkasärki soetada, aga oma eelarvet vaadates esialgu veel kõhklen. Originaalid maksavad nii 20-30 dollarit, tänavaturult saab ka 5 usd’iga, aga see pole ju ikka see!! Üldse saab siin tänavalt osta igasugust kraami, alustades Nike’ist ja lõpetades D&G’ga, hindu nagu arvata võib ei anna originaaliga võrrelda.

Vastused lugejakirjadele:

- Kas lennujaamas ajavad eskalaatoreid ringi väiksed nukrad eeslid?
Nope :D, eesleid on, aga ainult külades olen kohanud.

- Kas kohviautomaatide asemel on külamehed priimustega vankritelt oma
laste väikeste mustade kätega korjatud värskeid kohviube keetmas:):):)?

Hehe…jällegi eitav vastus. Kusjuures nende kohviubadega on nii, et nad
joovad siin üldse lahustuvat kohvi enamasti (täiesti seletamatu!!).
Café con leche tähendab vahel koguni ainult kuuma piima lahustuva kohviga. Iseenesest pole paha, aga see pole siiski see kohvi, millega ma harjunud olen.
Külameestest (ja –naistest) rääkides, nemad on siin küll ägedad! Ehe värk! Väikest kasvu, kohe päris indiaanlased, põnevad värvilised riided seljas. Rauno blogis ( on ka mõned ägedad pildid üleval.

Minu plaanid edasi: veel ca 2 nädalat siin (äkki jõuan Peruusse ka, aga hetkel veel ei tea) ja siis Brasiiliasse. Loodan, et kõik sujub, mu pass on parasjagu Brasiilia saatkonnas Soomes ja sellega lähebki veel nata aega.
Pean nüüd kiirelt veel Portugali keele crash course'i võtma, et kohapeal päris häbisse ei jääks :)))

Espanolist rääkides - ega ma ausalt öeldes ikka ei jaga muffigi...hihih...iga kord küsi umbes 3 korda üle, et mis sa nüüd ütlesid! a noh nata rohkem ikka mõistan, kui tulles. Nad lihtsalt räägivad siin nii teistmoodi ja kõik "s"'id sõna lõppudes on kas
üldse kadunud või kõlavad nagu "h"d...siis ongi nii, et iga kord peab jupp aega mõtlema, mis see siis nüüd jälle oli!
Olen ikka seda learning by doing rida ajanud ja õpik seisab ikka kotis...huh...luban endale, et Portugali keele võtan tublimalt käsile!


Monday, July 17, 2006

PANAMA - a quick one of July, 2006

Flying with COPA means always transiting in Panama since it’s Panaman airlines. Soooo...once that was the case I thought I definitely should see the City even for a little bit since I am anyway there in the aiport on my route Ecuador-Colombia-Ecuador.
Thus on my way back from Colombia to Ecuador, I took a 1 day stop in Panama arriving on Saturday and leaving on Sunday night.

Hehe...I must say I saw more of the night life than sightseeing around, but surely was super fun cruising the city at night (thanks Ricky :D), checking out what the place has to offer in terms of entertainment for club and pub lovers, and dancing till morning!
Some say that Ciudad de Panama is the Miami of Central America. It seemed to be true with it’s 24 hours shops, eating places etc available at any moment you crave for something.

Sleeping late on Sunday meant limited time for sightseeing (3 hours) before I already had to head to the airport. But couldn’t still resist the opportunity to look around as much as I could. Since my host was at work, I took a recommended bus to „the city center“, which eventually, when I got off the bus, did not seem much of a center, but more like some sort of must have been one of the few buses that did not go to the center :D:D...but no problems, the situation offered me a little adventure!

As my Spanish was, and still is, quite limited asking directions to the city center was a bit difficult, people kept poiting at one direction, but after having walked about 10 minutes, I felt myself no closer to the center as before. Hehehe...and to make the situation a bit more challenging, I didn’t have the map of the city either :D:D
What should always more or less work is taking a taxi to the destination you need, so that was my next thing to do.
Found a taxi on the street, a nice 26 year old guy who spoke only Spanish, who eventually offered me a 2 hour tour in the City to see the Isla de Flamenco and some other places for only 7 USD, and who later turned out to be a cop working on criminal investigation during weekdays and being a taxi driver on weekends...hehehe
So I got a nice sightseeing tour as well!
Time went by fast and I already started to run late for my flight, thus got home with the same taxi driver dude, packed quickly and headed to the that time I had only 2 hours left for my flight and about 40 minutes bus ride to the Airport ahead of me.
There ought to be a bus to the airport, but after 10 minutes waiting in the bus stop I decided to take a taxi (which ought to be 25 USD, and 15 if you bargin). Stopped a passing by taxi, and offered my last 8 USD that I had in cash. Worked! He took me to the airport. Got there just an hour before the flight – no problemos ;), I think that’s what one could call just-in-time-management...hehehe
Last good-byes and off I took to Guayaquil, back home to my ATAMI family (Thanks, Ricky for the message on the plane :).

Colombia - mi casa es tu casa!

After 5-6 visits to the embassy of Colombia in Guayaquil, 2 weeks of waiting instead of the initally promised 4 days, changing 3 times the plane tickets as the visa was not ready (56 USD!), me and Rauno finally arrived in Barranquilla on the 8th of July.

Yet, in spite of the trouble with the visa my experience in Colombia was SUPER SUPER SUPER GREAT!! (Thank you Alberto and your family!! Muchos Gracias!!!)

When arriving in B’quilla Alberto was already awaiting for us in the airport with his dad and we took a car directly to Cartagena – one of the most touristic cities in Colombia I guess, a real jewel as they say!

And I understand why!! The most wonderful beaches I have ever seen (we took a one day cruise with Alberto’s family to the Island de Baru), super bueno ciudad de antigua (the old town), nice climate, friendly people, delicious food!!

Oh and it was good to meet up with Maris – she had already arrived a week ago from Costa Rica where she did a 6 months internship in a local NGO teaching English. Me, Maris and Alberto were in the same MC team in AIESEC in Estonia in 2003-2004, living and working together for one year. The other 3 team mates - Uku, Helena and Sifaan – couldn’t join this time, but we are planning to hold our team re-union in 2010 in Colombia as well ;). I know now I should take like 3 months for the next visit to Colombia – that's how much the country offers to discover!!

After Cartagena, we returned back to Barranquilla – Alberto’s home town. It’s another nice city on the North Coast of Colombia. And that’s where we enjoyed the true hospitality of Colombian people!! We stayed in Alberto’s house, and the saying they use „mi casa es to casa“ was soooooo much in place!! Thanks again to you, Alberto and Caro and your Mom and Dad for taking us around, feeding us with the best food ever and just being sooooo super nice!!!

Heheh staying at Alberto’s house was a nice practice for my espanol also :) as his parents’ don’s speak English...huh, I surely learned a few new words!!

On Thursday we took a little trip to Santa Marta – one more place for tourists that like la playas ;). Alberto and his family returned to B’quilla in the evening since Alberto was to leave to Estonia the next day, but me and Rauno stayed on in a little fishermen village just after Santa Marta, it’s called Taganga and it is a good place to get your scuba diving license should you want one. 3 day course was for about 400 000 pesos (2000 EEK). Additinal 2 days advanced course was also offered, and room for bargining the price is there as well. Rauno was gonna take the 3-day one, but I couldn’t since I had my flight back to Ecuador via Panama already on Saturday the 15th of July.
Friday nite party with Alberto’s friends Sergio and Carlos in the Bolivar’s house in Santa Marta – musica electronica!! – a few hours sleep, 2 hours bus strip back to Barranquilla, nice time with Alberto’s family (Alberto, when you left to Estonia, they really really missed you!!), and then off to Panama.

My experiences in Colombia were super!! I’d really like to recommend it to anyone who’s thinking of visiting Latin America, it surely is a country of the kind of „must visit“ ones!
True, there are things to watch out for, contrary and one the positive note, the country as tons to offer and aren't the things more challenging just the most precious ones ;)

Friday, July 07, 2006

A letter home, VOL 1 (in Estonian)

Hola a todos!!

Kohevarsti lõpeb mu teine nädal Ecuadoris, täpsemalt pühapäeval. Selle aja jooksul olen kuidagi totaalselt teise maailma sattunud ja kõik, mis Eestis, tundub praegusel hetkel suhteliselt kaugena...aga nojah...elu siin ongi kõvasti teistmoodi – elan teiste AIESECi pratkikantidega koos ühe kahekordse maja esimesel korrusel (5 tuba on meil siin, suur elutuba, köök ja siis veel üks ruum, mida eile näiteks kasutasime sissetunginud roti kinnipüüdmiseks ja ...khm...“kõrvaldamiseks“). Koos minuga siin praegu 3 eestlast, 2 poolakat, 1 itaallane ja 1 rumeenlane. Siiasamasse jäängi kuni augustini va siis need ajad, kui hea õnne korral õnnestub Kolumbias, Panamas ja Peruus ära käia...a sellest täpsemalt allpool.
Mu siinsed elukaaslased käivad tööl, aga minul on praegu pigem fiesta-season ...hehe...AIESECi töös ikka löön kaasa, aga kuna senini olid kõik eksamitega hõivatud, siis oli ka minu elu asjalik pool tagasihoidlik, chillin ühesõnaga ning kasutasin aega ka riigiga tutvumiseks – Raunoga käisime mägedes ja teiste sõpradega Montanitas, hipide ja surfarite paradiisis.

Mõned väiksed „pildikesed“ kohapealsest elust:

Lennujaamast väljudes oli mul India-tunne. Õhk on siin selline soe, kerge kleepekas ja mulle tundub nagu nata sellise magusa lõ ei oskagi seda seletada, selline troopika-värk vist. Nüüd on õnneks India-tunne üle läinud, aga soe on siin sellegipoolest.

Ecuadoris võib aasta jooksul eristada kahte aastaaega, tinglikult siis „talv“ ja „suvi“. Praegu on talv, mis tähendab, et rannikul on nii 30-35 kraadi sooja ja enamasti on taevas pilvine so rannikul (costa). Sellest hoolimata on ikka väga lõunamaine ja suvine tunne. Ja päike võtab ka läbi pilvede. Guayaquil – 2-miljoniline linn, kus praegu elan – ongi rannikulinn.
Mägedes olles on nagu teine riik – öösiti on vaevalt 10 kraadi sooja, päeval läheb ikka vast 25 kraadi kanti ja kui päike lagipähe paistab, siis on ikka parajalt kuum. Eriti mägede vahel, kus on suhteliselt tuulevaikne. 40 faktoriga päevituskreemi kasutades õnnestus end ikka veidi ära põletada, õnneks siiski ei midagi katastroofilist.
Suvi on siin detsembrist maini (umbes). Mujal sajab ka vihma, aga rannikul pidi siis olema ilus ja pilvitu ning sooja siis juba 40 kanti.

Vastuvõtt on olnud sõbralik, tunnen end nagu täitsa kodus kohe – osa sellest on muidugi see, et AIESECi punt oli mul juba lennujaamas vastas ja mu uued elukaaslased on ka igati toredad, koos ikka veedame nii õhtuid kui nädalavahetusi.
Üldiselt tundub Ecuadoris Euroopa turiste olevat suhteliselt vähe, kuigi aeg-ajalt ikka kohtab, eriti Lonely Planeti poolt soovitatud sihtpaikades. Kindlasti on ka siinsest regioonist turiste, aga need ei paista ju tänavapildis nii silma.
Ka tänaval tunnevad autojuhid võõramaalased kohe ära, lasevad signaali; taksod üritavad pidevalt küüti pakkuda ja vastutulevad (meesterahvad) ikka tervitavad, ššš-itavad või vilistavad. Aga noh see pole häiriv, harjumise asi, mingil hetkel ei panegi enam tähele.
Valvas tasub tänaval siiski olla, sest ikka on lugusid selle kohta, kuidas väljamaalasi on rünnatud, neilt läpakad, raha ja muid väärisasju röövitud jne jne, mistõttu mina näiteks kannan (kui üldse) oma läpakat kaasas linasest riidest üleõlakotis, mitte kergesti silma hakkavas läpaka kotis. Ettavaatlik tasub olla, aga see ei ole kindlasti põhjus end nelja seina vahele lukustada.
Kusjuures tuleb tunnistada, et ka politsei on siin agar. Vähemalt olen mina kui välismaalane neile korduvalt silma hakanud: minu käest on juba 2 korda nädala jooksul politsei tänaval küsinud, kust ma pärit olen ja ega ma juhtumisi illegaal ei ole. Uhkusega pean ütlema, et viimane kord seletasin hispaania keeles, et kõik on korras ja ma pole illegaal ja et mul pole passi vaid sellepärast kaasas, et see juba varsti 2 nädalat on Kolumbia saatkonnas turistiviisa templit ootamas (õppetund: latiinode-viisi asjaajamine võib aega võtta!! Ja mitte vähe!!). Varsti ongi juba nii, et Alberto ja Maris, kellele pidime Kolumbiasse külla minema, lähevad sealt tagasi Eesti poole. Ja meie peame Barranquillas omapäi passima. Ilmselge saatuse iroonia: käisin ju Peebul ka niimoodi Ühendemiraatides külas, et Peep ise passis Indias viisavangis!

Nagu arvasingi räägivad siin kõik espanoli. Ka aieseccarid, kes küll kõik mas o menos (enam-vähem, siin kõlab see nagu „mah o meno“) ikka inglist ka pursivad, räägivad üldiselt kogu aeg hispaania keelt. Ka mujalt tulnud praktikandid õpivad keele kiiresti ära. Nii paari kuuga, öeldakse. Kuigi olen keelt varem nata õppinud (3 aastat tagasi kaks semestrit), siis siia tulles oli ikka tunne, et muhvigi ei mõista. Esiteks on kuulamine ikka teine asi kui lugemine, pluss tegusõnade pööramine ja erinevad ajavormid ka veel lisaks. Nii et ikka päris keeruline. Nüüd on 2 nädalat möödas ja ikka nata saan juba igapäevasest vestlusest aru (võit!!), kaasa rääkida nii palju veel ei oska (grammatika vajaks „veidi lihvimist“, et mitte öelda õpikust tuupimist, aga ma praegu olen ikka rohkem seda learning-by-doing varianti püüdnud kasutada ning pole nii palju raamatuis sobranud. Kõvasti aitab see, et kõik ümberringi enamasti espanoli räägivad. Alguses oli omal muidugi päris imelik tunne, et tahaks nagu rääkida, aga ei oska :D:D (maakeeli öeldes „nagu tumm leilis“).
A noh õpin, aprendo! Praegu räägingi sellist Spanglish’i – inglise-hispaania segakeelt st kui hispaaniakeelsed sõnad otsa lõppevad (ja see juhtub suht ruttu), siis võtan inglisekeelsed appi. Minu keelealane töövõit seisnes selles, et ma hakkasin korraga aru saama, et nad siin ütlevad kõikide s-tähtede asemel sõna lõpus ’h’, näiteks las on lah jne. Jälle jupp maad rohkem saan aru, millest nad räägivad!!

On täiesti olemas, aga internetikohvikutes. WiFit on vast paaris kaubanduskeskuses, isegi pole seda jõudnud katsetada veel. Ma ise tunnen end muidugi suht ahistatuna, sest mul ikkagi nii umbes pool elu ju arvutis/internetis, kogu senine tööalane ja muu kommunikatsioon ka ikka arvuti vahendusel, andmehaldus ja kõik muu värk ka, nii et suht tüütu on kogu aeg mälupulgaga üle tee olevasse netikohvikusse joosta ja veebipõhiselt maile lugeda. Soodsamas kohas maksab tund netikasutust 1 USD, kallimas aga koguni 8 USD (viimane oli Hiltoni hotellis, kus huvi pärast hinnakirja kiikasin).

On super!! Ma olen täiesti hämmastunud kui mitmekesine ja ilus siin on! Ja seda arvestades, et olen senini päris palju reisinud.
Mäed on vapustavad, käisime Andides kohas nimega Riobambas, mille kõrgeima tipu Chimborazo (6310 m) peaaegu alistasime – jõudsime 5000 m kõrgusele. Järgmisel päeval võtsime ette 6-tunnise rongisõidu Riobambast Alausi’sse. Eriti vahva oli see, et sõit oli rongi katusel. Alustasime kell 7 hommikul, kui väljas oli veel selline mõnus hommikune mägede jahedus. Lahkuvat rongi saatsid indiaanlastest käpiku- ja mütsikaupmehed. Paari tunni pärast rääkis aga Ecuador enda eest: praadisime 30-kraadises kuumuses ning 40 faktoriga päevituskreem õigustas enda olemasolu täielikult.
Mägede ilule ei jää alla ka siinsed vapustavad rannad Vaikse ookeani kaldal. Meie käisime Montanitas, mis on kohalik hipide ja surfarite paradiis (ja seda aastaringselt ja ka pilves ilmaga :D). Hoolimata sellest, et me kehvavõitu ilma tõttu randa peesitama ei jõudnud nautsime kohapealset elu-olu täiega. Kahest päevast ei piisanudki. Selleks, et sealsesse rütmi sisse elada oleks vist 3-4 päeva vaja. Noh eks vaatab, ehk veel jõuan sinna tagasi....see tähendaks siis Guayaquilist 4 tundi bussisõitu.
Kindlamast kindlam on see, et julgen Ecuadori kõigile reisimiseks soovitada: mäed, rannad, surfamine, päike, soojad inimesed, rafting, hiking ja mida kõike veel! Raha ja aega on vaja ainult 
Ahjaa...soovitan lugeda ka Rauno reisimuljeid, kus ka mitmeid pilte kohalikust elust-olust.

Salsa, merengue, bachata...ja reaggeton!!
Siinne muusika, mille järgi siis ka vastavad tantsud a’la nagu valss ja rumba jms. Siin kuuleb sedasorti muusikat kogu aeg: tänaval möödasõitvas autos kõmiseb kõva reaggetoni beat, bussipeatuses hängival mustanahalisel teenager’il on õlal tümpsuv makk, ühistranspordis mängib mõnus salsa või merengue-rütm jne jne. Klubides ja noorte hulgas on eriti kuum reaggeton, mille kohta on öeldud ka, et see olla justku „sex on the dance floor“ minu arust siiski natuke ülepakutud, aga see nimi annab vist siiski mingi ettekujutuse, millega tegu.
Salsat, merenguet, bachatat tantsitakse ka päris palju – need on aga eriti kuumad just Kariibi mere saartel, Dominikaanis näiteks. Erinevalt Eestist tantsitakse ka house-party’idel („house“ nagu korter mitte nagu muusikastiil), eelmisel reedel andis sellele kinnitust mu welcome party (loe: tants ja trall hommikuni).

Sellega siin lõpetangi praegu. Praegu ootab mind ja Raunot ees umbes 5. visiit Kolumbia saatkonda, et lõpuks ometi saada kätte oma turistiviisa (millega mõnelpool läheb aega 1-2 päeva ja mida meie juba kaks nädalat ootame....grrhhh). Tõesti loodan, et seekord läheb õnneks, olen oma lennupiletit juba 3 korda muutnud!!!
Ma senini ei arvanud, et selline asi üldse võimalik on!! Kuidas võtab esialgu lubatud 4-päevane viisa väljastamise protsess aega 2 nädalat, kusjuures viimastel päevadel antud vabandused nagu koosolek, konsuli haige laps, kulleri teel olek jms on ju täiesti jaburad!!! Whieww!!

Niih aga nüüd küll lõpetan, sest asi läheb juba liigseks kurjustamiseks kätte :D:D. Kui kuidagi ei saa, siis kuidagi ikka saab – rule of life no 1, eriti vist siinkandis...hehehe

Adios ja andke ikka endist ka märku!!


Friday, June 30, 2006

Chimborazo: 5000 meters conquered

Since aiesecars are having exams this week I`m using the time to get to know the country. Me and Rauno decided to go for a 3 day trip to Riobamba, a small town with 126 000 inhabitants in the Andes.
After a 4,5 hours bus trip from Guayaquil, crossing the altitude of 3600 m on the way we made it to Riobamba. Today our conquest was the local peak of Chimborazo (6310 m) - well we made it to 5000 m only, but still :D - which is the highest peak from this point up to all across North America.
Actually I have to admit that a car - local taxi with a cool and extremely talkative driver Alfonso (or smth like that) - took us to 4800 m, and we only rose the last 200 m walking.
However it was totally new experience for me to be in this altitude, let alone make my way up there: heart beating as if I was heavily excercising and all that. And we made it! Pictures coming up soon!
Tomorrow, we`re gonna take a hell ride on the roof of the train for 6 hours, it`s called Nariz del Diablo!!! whiew...let`s see how that`s gonna be! I`m already pretty sure, I`ll freeze my arse off!!
I still refused the idea of buying additional warm clothes since I most probably won`t come to the mountains again so soon, my luggage is already overweight and my budget ought to be tigher than I`ve practiced so far :D. All that considered I think my the Air Madrid blanket will prove to be useful, as it has for a number of times already in this week :D:D.

And then, tomorrow nite - should I still be alive and kicking - is my welcome party to Guayaquil :))) excellent introduction to the weekend on the beach with bunch of AIESECcers and trainees here in EC!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Ecuador Ecuador!!!

That’s my first post from the other side, the other side of the world! Yeah, I made it. It’s my second day in Guayaquil, Ecuador, where I’m going to stay for another 1,5 months. I haven’t actually wrote about the purpose of my visit here.
I’m going to be engaged with an AIESEC project Yo Creo En Ecuador (I Believe in Ecuador), which is a project enchancing social responsibility and responsible entrepreneurship among under- and young graduates. My exact role is still to be clarified though :). I hope to meet with my „boss“ Carlos today or the day after, he’s currently busy with his exams...

I didn’t have much time to write about my preparations for the trip...hehe...I actually didn’t have that enourmously much time to focus on preparation either.

I came up with this plan to come to Latin-America for a CEED (as we call it in AIESEC, basically it’s being involved with AIESEC and also experienceing different culture in another country) about 2 months ago since I hadn’t found any internship on CSR that I was looking for. Found out that AIESEC Guayaquil would be ready to host me for 1-2 months, and I would have an opportunity to contribute to a project on corporate responsibility.
So I bought the ticket (one way, just in case) about 2 months ago, and left the rest of the preparations for a little later. Was busy to still work on my other things here in Estonia (finish internal auditing work, graduate masters, work on CSR projects, give a few trainings with the European Youth etc).

As the date of leaving Estonia came closer:
- I got the injections done (yellow fever, the others I had from previous travels already)
- Started to work a bit on my Spanish (I actually failed my ambitious program on studying Spanish every day),
- Checked the visa conditions, appeared that Estonian don’t need visa if they come as tourists for up to 90 days, and that is possible to also extend it for another 90 days. So no worries with that.
- Did last minute shopping for some souvenirs from Estonia as well as the got the materials about Estonia from Eesti Instituut

A week – actually 5 days – before leaving Estonia, I got the hit news about being selected for the traineeship in Brazil!!! Yehuuu, great news!!! And a slight panic situation with now knowing that I’m going to stay abroad for at least 14 months (2 months Ecuador + 1 year in Brazil). Tried to get all possibly necessary papers with me to apply for the Brazilian visa in Ecuador (fingers crossed for that!! Still have to negotiate with the Embassy here in EC). In the worse case scenario I will need to apply via the Embassy in Helsinki. Let’s see how that goes...

So now I’m here – after about 48 hour trip, firstly with Czech Airlines to Barcelona, then waiting for about 24 hours for the next flight with Air Madrid from Barcelona to Guayaquil. The flight was 5-6 hours delayed, so initally set departure of 9 am from Baca took finally place at 2 pm.
Not much of a problem for me though, I used the time for napping around in various chairs in the airport, since I had been up the whole last nite in Estonia, celebrating mid-summer’s day with friends, after that finalise packing...huh still ended up with 5 kilos overweight, although took at least another 5 out in the airport and left it for my brother to pick up from there.

Not surprisingly the 13 hour flight (with a stop in Tenerife) went smoothly as I used the opportunity to sleep some more :)). At my few awaken moments I ate and took a crash course in the Spanish book I had brought along. When I finally arrived (5 hours later than intended) my Estonian friends Meeli and Rauno were waiting for me together with Jorge and Hector from AIESEC in Gye.

First impressions you ask!
Hehe funny enough...when I stepped out of airport the country reminded me of India :), that was for the way the air smells and feels here. It’s not too hot (about 32-35 degrees, the city is near the ocean), the air somehow has this sort of slightly sweet tropical scent to it. The houses reminded me of India again – mostly 1 or 2 storied houses with flat roofs (something that you dont see so often in Estonia), the traffic is busy but again nothing beats India I think :)). Generally the streets are quite clean I’d say, couldn’t really spot trash laying around or anything.

I’m staying in trainee house with 1 Estonian, 1 Romanian, 2 Polish and 1 Italian – mix of nations like you often meet in AIESEC!!

It’s my second day in Ecuador now, and by now I’ve managed to almost get rid of the India-like feeling. Afterall it’s Ecuador where I am!! (Si se puede!!).
Yesterday – the day no 1 – was great, I think Rauno wrote in his blog about it so I’m using the opportunity to refer to his experiences in Latin America :).

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

BRAZIL, here I come!!!



From my future colleague:

We have selected our trainee!
We selected Triinu from Estonia and are very excited to have her join our team beginning on August 14th.

Can you help Triinu with the process from here on - work permit, preparation, reception, etc.? Also, if a meeting with the person will be handling the process in Brazil can be set up so that we are clear about the process, that would be great.

I will be away for the next few weeks but Thais will be here and can facilitate the process from our end.

Thanks again for the support with our first trainee in the Education and Sustainable Development Department!

All the best,


And here's a bit more about the organization and the field work I'm also going to be involved with: "ABN AMRO - the emerging markets bank of the year"

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Yeahh we did it!

Today we organized a summer seminar with our Responsible Business Forum, was good success, had about 50 people participating from various sectors including some very respected businesses in Estonia, also good presentations and discussions.

I feel tired (it's been a few months work with the seminar, additionally woke up 6 am this morning) and ...I feel a great feeling of accomplishment and kinda celebration, I'm also proud that me and Elina have managed to pull this whole thing together: now about 2 years of work with Responsible Business Forum, our CSR initative in Estonia.
Looking back it's been quite a job of developing the whole project, working with different stakeholders, making great efforts of communication & engagement, taking initative, trying to push the CSR agenda through...sleepless nights, hours of work, successes and frustrations, moments of celebration and some drawbacks as well, but most importanly our drive and passion to make it happen!! I feel sooo content for having the experience, and proud of ourselves of creating the opportunity not only for ourselves to channel our passion, but for many many other people to become engaged and thrive further regarding their interest in CR and sustainability!

Just today a friend of mine said that I should be very happy to have found the field I'm passionate about and want to contribute to....oo sooo right!! Lucky I am ha :))


Brazil is playing Croatia on TV...

And Metallica is singing "Nothing else matters" on the song festival grounds, where 85 000 ppl have gathered right now for their concert...good good (have to 'mute' the TV to listen :)


Another thought regarding football & taking initiative/making things happen (something like RBF has been for us)

It's like when you kick off a football, once you do so - apparently a lot of players are interested in playing along, chasing the ball, joining in for the came for fun and passion and creating a synergy of a team!!
BUT if the kick off wasn't there, if there was no-one taking the first move, you wouldn't really know who want's to play, whose passionate about football, who can contribute with their particular skills and knowledge & thus contribute to bringing the game to a whole new level...

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Which city do I belong in?

I couldn't resist trying that one or not me?!
You Belong in London

A little old fashioned, and a little modern.
A little traditional, and a little bit punk rock.
A unique woman like you needs a city that offers everything.
No wonder you and London will get along so well.

PS. I actually think I could try something a little less Western European :)) developing country could do :)

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Nothing else matters

Sometimes at trainings or other group/team days, we've used an exercise in the ice breaking/warm up part, which asks people to introduce things about themselves that the others don't know or some particular habits and ways of being that are characteristic to that one person only. That could be having some imaginary characters in your life, wearing a t-shirt/underwear inside out, never stepping out of the bed with left foot first, drinking coffee with honey, singing in the shower etc etc. Some really funny things have come out :))), and it usually creates a more welcome and warmer feeling in the groups, something like "oh I know a little special thing more about you that not everyone is aware of". And it also means that people are at least to some extent comfortable with each other and ready to trust the group.

Apparently it's not so easy to come up with things that are very special to oneself only. Afterall, how often do you think about your uniqueness, weird habits or special ways of doing things, right??

Anyway, when home alone, I like to put up my own show :)), dancing and singing :D. It could be just like that, or accompanying some must-do activity like cleaning the house or doing some other household stuffs. Volume up is the way to go then!!!

PS. I don't sing in the shower, but I do think there! So, should I put on my thinking cap when in shower, it might take up to an hour to get out!!

My this morning's rock concert was dedicated to Metallica :))) (great song heeeh!!)

Nothing else matters

So close no matter how far
Couldnt be much more from the heart
Forever trusting who we are
And nothing else matters

Never opened myself this way
Life is ours, we live it our way
All these words I dont just say
And nothing else matters

Trust I seek and I find in you
Every day for us something new
Open mind for a different view
And nothing else matters

Never cared for what they do
Never cared for what they know
But I know

So close no matter how far
Couldnt be much more from the heart
Forever trusting who we are
And nothing else matters

Never cared for what they do
Never cared for what they know
But I know

Never opened myself this way
Life is ours, we live it our way
All these words I dont just say
And nothing else matters

Trust I seek and I find in you
Every day for us something new
Open mind for a different view
And nothing else matters

Never cared for what they say
Never cared for games they play
Never cared for what they do
Never cared for what they know
And I know

So close no matter how far
Couldnt be much more from the heart
Forever trusting who we are
No nothing else matters

Thursday, June 01, 2006

"M" like in Masters!

had a final presentation of my master thesis on Wednesday! In fact it was really fun!! haha...I think I flooded the room with my passion for CSR (which of course was the topic of the paper as well). Prior to the presentation, I didn't have too much time to dwell on it, become scared or smth...took it easy and it went excellent!!
It was quite a satisfying accomplishment for the week!

I actually hadn't really thought how it would feel to have the whole thing completed (MA!!), but it does feel grreeaatt. It was a 1 year program in Estonian Business School. Although MA as such is quite an achievement overall, looking back at the year, it really was on my top priority only at the time of writing the thesis (hyper-fast and intense period of time) - other priorities like work etc often came in first. Yet as the lectures were a few days a week, additionally the assignments needed to be done, it was quite exhausting time overall and I'm happy that it's over!!
Just the question - ok, so what's next? comes to a mind...a PhD??? early, maybe in 5-10 years...who knows.
Not that I dont know what I want to focus on - Sustainable Business Strategy - but still...too early! Need to work in this area before diving in the next academic endeavours :))
hehe...forgot to mention I got an A for the thesis, and might actually end up graduating MA cum laude (the honours). Well, why not ha :))

However, I need to write a bit on academic achievements.
I used to be a good student in secondary school, very good actually...didn't have all A's, but was close enough. I think it was mostly thanks to my parents guidance on teaching me the habits of getting the stuff done (school work) and being on the top of these things. I never really had an aspiration of or tried hard to be the teachers' fav..and I think I wasn't also - we had all-A students in class as well :))). But still, I was in the good lists, I know :D. Things just worked out well for me...studies, sports etc.
Finished high school with honours (silver medal as we have it) and with the thought that the grades really don't matter. I remember thinking that when I go to the Uni, I really want to get something done. I myself.
I had in mind joining AIESEC as I had heard about the organization already.

So guess what happened!!
Went to Tartu Uni to study economics, joined AIESEC and had amazing years: time for self realization and actulization, finding out who I am and what I want to do in the future, becoming way better person I believe...Met lots of inspiring people, made great friends for life, travelled the world, took responsibility and leadership roles by being the vice president of AIESEC in Estonia and also the president of AIESEC Tartu....oo so many exciting and exceptional things!!

Have to mention that in parallel to the time-of-my-life in AIESEC, the academic results were going down. In fact my grade point average was baaaaaddd, but I also didn't care toooooo much. I felt that AIESEC was waaayyyy more empowering experience for me and helped me to develop my personal and also proffessional qualities much more, whereas grades would be something of value on paper only...that's what I felt.

At some point I had this little creepy thought that maybe I am not able to get better results in all this academic stuffs, maybe I'm just not capable or smth, because Uni is still more than the high school. Yet, again I remained more or less confident that if I really wanted, I could do better. the honours in MA will do ;)))...great personal accomplishment for myself and a proof that my academic capacity didn't leave me in the end of the secondary school :D:D:D
hehe...I think I need to highlight though that I didn't take the MA course for the grades :D:D, but actually to provide myself a space to work on Corporate Responsibility in an academic context. And I did so, regarding the MA thesis. The other subjects were just complementary from my point of view, just good to feel that it finished successfully :)). And the people in Uni were great!! So in social sense it was also a nice experience!
Overall, I think it's worthwhile to continue academic studies in MA/PhD only, if one knows what s/he wants to get out of it, which sort of knowledge s/he wants to gain & what's the particular field of interest (passion!!) where the MA could contribute!

ok, enough of these school stuffs...there are much more important things than grades on paper ;)

oooh, and welcome to my graduation on the 16th at 12.00!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Cash value of a social network!

Social capital - what's that?
To put it in a very simple terms, it means that "social networks have value". hmm...easy eh? What it refers to is a value created from the ties between people, groups, communities, societies - the value in a group and between the groups as well. And that covers all kinds of groups: social gatherings like going to a picnic with friends, business networks, proffessional organisations, etc; including both formal and informal networks. One of the visible indication of the value of the social network is that for example majority of working people - and not only in Estonia, but in other countries as well! - get their job through personal contact, friend of a friend etc, and not through an anonymous newspaper ad.

It could be even said that the cash value of the social network of an individual could be greater than the actual wealth accumulated by the person! And not only that. There are also evidences of measurable consequences of belonging to numerous groups: the latter is related to one's life expectancy, meaning that all other variables remaining the same (Pareto principle :)), one's life could be longer (happier :)), when one belongs to a variety of social and other groups, simply has ties with other people!! Can't recall right now, who was the one that called humans social animals!. Thus isolation from the society reduces possibilities of a long happy life (cheers to all friends!!). In contrary, people married or just belonging to clubs/societies are more likely to call themselves a happy people.

More to it - happyness as such as got very little to do with the financial wealth, but precisely more with the social capital. I have heard Nigeria being called the happiest nation in the world and that definitely is not linked to the purchasing power of people. Still certain level of financial security does raise the satisfation/happiness levels, but to a rather limited extent.

What's alarming is that the social capital is in decline globally. People have less ties with each other, they belong to a fewer number of groups and go less to, let's say, social gatherings, family picnics etc etc. Obviously there's a multitude of causes and effects that shape and result from these processes in societies - the globalisation including migration, transitional economies and new relationships between people created by transitions, use of telecommunication tools (the TV!!), women becoming more career oriented etc etc.

However it's obviously neither possible nor necessary to go back in time where no TV existed, instead innovation in creating solutions that help to create bonding (withing groups, with people similar to oneself) and bridging (between groups, between people that are different from oneself: religion, race, gender, nationality) social capital.

I'd be a good spot to write about social entrepreneurship, but that'll come some other time...:)

*** *** ***

Attended the Open Society Forum today, the keynote speaker being Robert Putnam - world's leading social capital guru. These above were some of the thoughts expressed mixed with mine...

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Had an European Youth trainers meeting earlier this week, and there was a story being told about a guy who had been working as an IT technician. Deep in his heart, he felt he'd really like to work on the social sphere instead, work with children and youth for example. Although he felt very much stuck with what he was doing, he was really afraid and not comfortable to change the job, the workfield, the already settled way of life...He had later said that he thought the others would think he has gone nuts if he had by any means expressed what he really wanted to do. So he took a year off and went to work on the European Voluntary Service - on the field he actually had wanted to work on. And a year later a person that had found his passion returned home.

Why is it so that young, restless, courageous are the words that seem to go together and on the other hand the characteristics like old/mature, rational, stable and other similar ones seem to have a good fit?

It seems to be generally so that the older we get, the less risks we take, the less we experiment, and we ain't that courageous any longer. Part of it has surely got to do with the fact that by getting older, we at some point become responsible for not only ourselves, but also for our partners/boyfriends/husbands/children etc. Thus one can't really risk with many things anymore. Makes sense.

On the other hand, I think people are often way too afraid "to do things for the first time", to break the routine, the settled in comfort, and stability in life.

"Sometimes, people use age as a convenient excuse.
'I'm too old to start something new', or, 'I couldn't learn that at my age.'
Other people, though, go on to achieve their greatest accomplishments in life in later years."

Catherine Pulsifer

How does it work then? Being "young and courageous" forever :))

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

My own pace

huh...mõtlesin esialgu, et ma ei kirjuta seda mõtet siia, aga ikka pean!
See on seotud osaliselt ka selle eelmise postinguga, aga veidi positiivsemas toonis siiski.

Lisaks sellele, et eelmine nädalavahetus oli ülimalt lõbus klubitamise (brasiilia+india+eesti sõpruskohtumine väike-karjas + angel jne) ja muude toredate ürituste aeg (:P), siis sain ka omajagu shokiteraapia osaliseks. Täiesti ootamatult (absoluutselt!!) kuulsin vanalt healt klassivennalt, kellega omal ajal hästi läbi saime, et ta sai just isaks (braavo!!!!). Saaksime ilmselt ka praegu hästi läbi, a kohtume nii umbes kord aastas, nii et see tegelikkuses ikka päris-sõpruse alla kirja ei lähe, kahjuks. Viimane kord nägimegi nii umbes-täpselt 9 kuud tagasi klassi kokkutulekul - kui välja arvata 1 kord ***, kui ma tänaval kogemata ta auto ette hüppasin -, ja siis ma poleks arvanudki, et järgmine kord temalt selliseid (positiivselt!) vapustavaid uudiseid kuulen. Noh ja siis veel teinegi klassivend olevat just äsja isastaatusesse tõusnud!

Mitte, et mul oleks midagi laste vastu - vastupidi, lapsed on imelised ja ma kavatsen ühel päeval super-emaks hakata! (Ma olen isegi veendunud, et see mul õnnestub!) AGA ma ei ole eriti harjunud mõttega, et see aeg justnagu peakski juba nüüd käes olema! Sellest siis kogu see shoki-teraapia jutt.
Ilmselt see, pluss asjaolu, et mitmed mu väga lähedasest sõpruskonnast veel päris-pere loomiseni jõudnud pole ja paljud hoopiski mööda ilma laiali, polegi mind eriti tihti selle teemaga päris tõsiselt kokku toonud...
Ja siis veel mu oma praegune seis - otsade kokkutõmbamise ja lõpetamiste hetk + uued algused kohe varsti Ecuadoris ootamas.

Et asi veel värvikam oleks, siis pani kohtumine ühe teise uuema sõbraga mind päris põhjalikult mõtlema partnerluse ja sõpruse ja kooselu ja pere ja tuleviku ja muudel teemadel (siit seos eelmise postinguga)...nii et kokkuvõttes tekkis mul selline omamoodi sisemine rahutus (kui seda niimoodi võiks nimetada :)), mida kindlasti võimendas teadmatus mu enda (lähi-)tuleviku suhtes!

Ja kuhu ma siis kogu selle asjaga enda jaoks jõudsin - inglise keeles kõlab paremini: I've got my own pace.
Arvan, et teen otsuseid, mis teevad mind õnnelikumaks ja kahetseda eriti ei oska ja poleks ju mõtet ka. Kust ma seda tean? Sest ilmselt ei oleks ma endaga rahul, kui seekord jälle jätaksin tundmatus kohas vette hüppamata :), ning praegune hetk tundub selleks õigeim olevat.
Nagu mu viimati mainitud sõber ütles: tuleb teha asju, mis teevad õnnelikuks (see on küll praegu natuke kontekstist välja rebitud, aga more or less sobib siiski).

Nüüd kõrvalt vaadates: ma arvan kogu mu sisemine heitlus teemal "pere/stabiilsus/lapsed vs vettehüpe tundmatus kohas ja suur hunnik ebastabiilsust" on pisut võimendatud seoses eesootava teadmatuse ja paljude küsimustega valdkonnas "mis, millal ja kuidas täpselt edasi?".
Aga...lõppude lõpuks tuleb iga asi omal ajal (või natuke hiljem või varem :) ning kõike tuleb lihtsalt suht rahulikult võtta ja nautida ;)...Ja see mul plaanis ongi.

"welcome-to-the-real-world" sõnumeid on samas tervitatav kogeda, mistõttu pidingi selle siia kirja panema...oli minu jaoks tähtis.

*** et mitte ülekohtune olla, siis vahepeal meenus, et klassivend no 1 käis ka minu sünnipäeval, mis segastel asjaoludel toimus kuu aega tavalisest hiljem st detsembris :)), see oli ka väga armas!!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Stay together

Ask what's possible, not what's wrong. Keep asking.
Notice what you care about.

Assume that many others share your dreams.
Invite in everybody who cares to work on what's possible.
Acknowledge that everyone is an expert in something.
Know that creative solutions come from new connections.
Trust that meaningful conversations change your world.
Rely on human goodness. Stay together.

- Margaret Wheatley -

Posted on a day, which reminds me of the importance of staying together, the partnership between two people, loyalty and trust...
Still an idealist.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Radio Quito

That's part of my learning-to-speak-Spanish-plan :D - to listen to the local radio every day. It might sound a bit too ambitious, and honestly speaking, for the start I understand pretty much nothing. Well, I do some words to get an idea of what they are talking about, but not really getting the point they are making. But I'll try to at least get used to listen to the language - and they doooo speak awfully fast!!

I also browsed through the local newspapers and added some like La Hora, El Comercial, El Universo to my favourites list. The idea is to read an article in Spanish a day...translating the words that I don't know with online translator. Started already with it and that's much easier, I actually can understand pretty much the whole thing (with the help of translator, of course). Quite a useful way to learn the language, just have to be persistent with it...well, I shall try :)) it's a football match or something, I think the guy on the radio is going nuts soon :D:D:D, he's screaming like hell!!! And out of that I understand not a single word!!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Re: Fwd: valimistest peruus...

Väike väljavõte kirjavahetusest Peruu valimiste teemal. Peamiselt kirjutab mu sõbranna Helina, kes Peruus juba paar aastat elanud.
Tundus piisavalt hull värk, et see siia kirja panna :)
Lugemist on hea alustada altpoolt üles!!

KIRI nr 4 kirja järgi tundub, et inflatsiooni-mees oleks ohutum, nii et ma hoian talle pöialt siis :D, a täitsa crazy värk nii või naa!!

hoiame sidet!!


KIRI nr. 3
Helina wrote:

oraator-naine ei paasenud teise vooru, nii et nyyd laheb militaari ja inflatsiooni venna vahel rebimiseks, peruuukad siin viskavad sarkastilist nalja, et neil on valik 2 surma vahel, yks on aeglane ja teine kiire - vahk voi AIDS. ma siin ise olen mures ja yritan kiiremas korras midagi oma saastudega teha, noh nad molemad voivad ju pangaarved kylmutada ja siis ma jaan elu lopuni siia maale... ja siis on plaan juunist Argentiinasse sooja kohta otsima hakata.. eks nais, kuda laheb.
a sa hoia mind kursis, kuidas su tegemistega on ja kui nou ja jouga saan abiks olla, lase aga tulla- super mega, et sa lopuks siia mandrile ikka satud!!
ok. ole muska, varsti jalle

KIRI nr. 2
Triinu wrote:

huuh!! päris crazy!!
too militaar-tegelane on ikka hull vend!! ja kohe ecuadori ka oma haardesse võtma....läheb põnevaks!!

hoian oraator-naisele pöialt!


KIRI nr. 1
Helina wrote:

et siis valimistest peruus... terve viimase aasta jooksul on inimesed pidevalt valimistest raakinud ja nyyd siis nadal aega tagasi joudis see 'pikisilmi' oodatud hetk katte. paar nadalat enne valimisi oli ohus tunda tugevat paanikat ja muret. kandidaadid seekord (nagu alati) taiesti mottetud tegelased. yldkokkuvottes oli 27 kandidaati, neist 3 vahel laks siis agedaks voitluseks katte.

kandidaat nr 1 on eks-militaar mees kommunistist natsionalist, peruu versioon hitlerist. ta plaanib valisinvesteeringud ara lopetada ja valismaalsed maalt valja ajada ning armeesse raha invetseerida. nimelt on Peruu ja Chile vahel juba pikemat aega vaike vihavaen (eks koik siin vihkavad Chilet, kuna nad peale Pinocheti radikaalset valitsemist kiiresti hea jarje peale said.) ja militaar-mehe yks visioon on akki Chilega madistama hakata. samuti on tema suured sobrad Venezuela ja Boliivia presidendid, nii et nende visioon on alates Fideliga Kuubast kuni Argentiinani valja voim haarata Ladina-Ameerika liit tekitada. jargmisel aastal plaanivad Ecuadori oma mojuvoimu alla saada. samuti mainis militaar-mees, et kui kongress ta otsuseid ei toeta, siis saab ta ka ilma selleta hakkama, nii et vaike diktaator valmis. terrorismi-ryhmitus lubas uuesti voimu haarata, kui militaar-mees presidendiks saab. ah, 20a tagasi terrorismiperioodil suutis militaar-mees suure hulga syytuid inimesi ara korvaldada. samuti lubas militaarmees homeseksuaalid korvaldada. yllataval kombel on militaar-mehe toetus provintsides ebaloogiliselt suur, samas eks ta lubab lihtrahvale kuu ja tahed taevast alla tuua... no ja kuna tava peruukas on oma nahavarvi parast natuke kompleksides, pooldavad nad militaarmehe poliitikat valismaalased valja ajada ja rikastele peruukatele 1:0 ara teha...

kandidaat nr 2 omaette 'huvitav' tegelane. ta oli peruu president 15 a tagasi ja suutis vaga kiiresti Peruus majanduskriisi tekitada. nadal peale voimule saamist natsionaliseeris ta pangad ara ja jargmisel aastal tekitas meeletu inflatsiooni (koigepealt tekitas Peruule meeletu vola ja siis otsustas niisama lihtsalt raha juurde trykkima hakata). et inflatsioonist valja tulla otsustas yhel heal paeval Peruu raha ''inti'ks'' muuta, mis tahendab, et inimeste dollarihoiused kadusid pangast ara. samuti sai tema valitsemisajal alguse terrorismi periood, mis siinset yhiskonda kovasti rasis. voimult tagasiastumast ta keeldus ja valitsusaja loppedes pogenes Prantsusmaale, kus luksuslikku elu elas. seaduse kohaselt on miinimum redutamise periood 10 a, peale seda voib sirge seljaga tagasi tulla ja vastutust oma tegude eest ei pea votma. just nii inflatsiooni-mees ka tegi - oli 10 a redus ja nyyd tuli uuesti kandideerima. ah, enne valitsusaja loppemist asutas ta ettenageliku inimesena NGO, mis tanavalastega tegelas. praeguseks on see tollane tanavalste kontingent valimiseas ja enne valimisi hakati sellele sihtgrupile poliitilisi kokkusaamisi korraldama. yllataval kombel on inflatsioonimehe toetajaskond just noorte hulgas vaga suur. eks inflatsioonimees oskab ka hasti manipuleerida - nagu heale latiinole kohane palub ta Peruu rahvalt eelnevate tegude eest vabandust ja kui vaja, siis poetab ka vaikese pisara, tunnistab oma ebakompetentsust ja ajab selle oma noore ea ja kogemuste puudumiste kaela ning lubab seekord targem olla. kasutas isegi sellist valjendit: ''no voy a estar imbecil 2 veces / ma ei ole sama imbetsill 2 korda''. rahvas juubeldas...

kandidaat nr 3 on vaga hea oraatorivoimetega naine, kes oma lubadustega niivord-kuivord reaalsuses. ta lubab toopuudesega tegeleda ja turismi arendada jne... niisiis, oleks Peruul lootust selle kandidaadiga, samas pole kindel, kas macho yhiskonna mentaliteet lubab naisel presidendiks saada...

praegune voimul olev president yritab kiiremas korras USaga vabakaubanduslepingu solmida, samuti lubas ta peale uusi valimisi koheselt Iisraeli minna, taotles juba poliitilist varjupaika. nimelt vaidab praegune president, et juhul kui militaar-mees voimule saab, plaanib too praeguse presidendi ara korvaldada (nimelt pani praegune president militaar-mehe venna aastaid tagasi vangi).

paar nadalat enne valimisi muutusid iniemsed murelikuks ja hakkasid viimase minuti ettevalmistusi tegema. nii naiteks yritasid massid endale passi saada, migratsiooniametisse mindi juba kl 6 hommikul (uksed tehakse lahti kl 8) ja jarjekord oli 3 kvartali pikkune. samuti yritasid targemad tegelased endale viimasel hetkel USa viisa valja ajada, USa saatkond pani ettenagelikuna uksed kinni ning lopetas ajutiselt viisade valjastamise, samuti mainis eelnevalt valjastatud viisade kehtetuks tunnistamise voimalikkust.

koige murelikumad olid muidugi keskklassi inimesed ja rikkurid, kuna nemad kannataksid nii militaarmehe kui inflatsioonimehe voimule saades koige rohkem. A-B kiht moodustabPeruu yhiskonnast vaid 2.8% ning haridusega kontingenti on 22% , mis tahendab seda, et tervest populatsioonist on vaid 22% -l selge arusaam kandidaatidest ja nende lubadustest. ylejaanud 78 % haaletab selle kandidaadi poolt, kes parasjagu nende kylas tasuta riisi ja piima jagab. valitsusel on muidugi vaga kasulik haridusse mitte investeerida, kuna ignorantset rahvamassi on tunduvalt lihtsam manipuleerida...

enne valimisi on loomulikult hasti tyypiline see, et kandidaadid teineteist laimavad ja igasugustes idiootsustes syydistavad... korraldatakse ajuloputus-miitinguid tanavatel ja debatte TV-s, aktiivsed inimesed marsivad mooda linna ja protestivad. 48 h enne valimisi lopetatakse alkoholi myyk... valisosalusega firmades laksid valismaalastest bossist paar paeva enen valimisi Peruust ara, et siis peale tulemuste selgumist otsustada, kas on motet tagasi tulla voi mitte...

ahh, kui militaarmees valimas kais, siis laks rahvas hulluks katte ja hakkas teda munade ja kividega loopima ning karjus 'mortsukas'. militaarmees ei saanud valimisjaoskonnast ara minna ning pidi 1h politseid ootama.. ja siis kui press kommentaari kysis, hakkas ta nutma ja ytles, et ta ei saa kohe yldse aru, kuidas tema armas Peruu teda niimoodi kohtleb.

koik olid suht kindal, et soelale jaavad militaar-mees ja oraator-naine... paraku laks teisiti ja soelale jaid militaarmees (30.9%) ja inflatsioonimees (24.4%), oraator-naine sai 23.4%. loplikud tulemused selguvad 20 paeva jooksul, sest valjaspoolt Peruud haaletajaid on 2% (suure toenaosusega haaletasid nad oraator-naise poolt). nende tulemused pole veel kohale joudnud, nii et praegu hoiavad koik hinge kinni ja ootavad imet. jargmised valimised on mai lopus ja eks siis nais, mis juhtub.

Monday, May 01, 2006

And Ecuador it shall beeeeeee :))))

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

One way ticket to the world

How about a one way ticket to the world??
Currently, Guayaquil, Ecuador, seems like a place to go, let's see how it's gonna work out...
And one way for a simple reason, it'd allow to return from some other place than Ecuador ;)

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Training days

3 days of trainings are behind me! 3 days of actually running trainings, not just participating.
An end of something is a beginning of another thing, and in a way it works in the current case as well...since I left my full time job as an internal auditor, I quickly found another opportunity for myself - I'm now a trainer at the European Youth programme, except that's more like a freelance trainer's job, and suits well with my other responsibilities. The trainings are about cultural preparation, team work, project management...all the soft skills that AIESEC helped me to build a good foundation for.
Friday and Saturday we run a 2-day training for about 30 young people, aged from 15 to 22 (my guess :). It was extremely motivating for me for number of reasons:

Firstly - as I hadn't run these sort of trainings lately (as I have mostly been doing only CSR kinda training activities in the recent times), I felt a bit unease with it (don't know how it goes, not sure in which shape will I be as a trainer with this particular target group etc). The feeling itself - although not comfortable in essence, was motivating. Feeling that I have to extend my comfort zone, which I had fallen into, and push myself a bit to succeed! An additional factor was to work with youth with special needs. I didn't have this sort of experience before, but now that I have, I appreciate it a lot. And moreover, I was really glad to see these young guys who are in a way underprivileged (being in a wheelchair), being so...alive!! and ready to make things happen and ready to be involved and active!

Secondly, the youth - the whole group in general! It simply gave me loooots of energy to see these smart youngsters, who have started with their project (or in some cases their youth leaders have started the projects, and they've just somehow got involved :), and now want to make a difference, want to make something happen!

and thirdly - my collegues! We were 3 of us, and I truly enjoyed the time worked together :)) I'm happy :))

I mentioned I had 3 training days behind, but the European Youth one was just 2 days. The third day was today, when me and Mari gave CSR lecture/seminar in Pärnu College for the open university students.

And now I'm almost off to get up tomorrow at 4 am to catch an early flight to Brussels for a CSR meeting by the European Commission...