Friday, October 20, 2006

Wanna retire at the age of 37?

Scanning through my mailbox, I came acrosse a book review from a motivational webstie's mailing-list, which went like this:

"The decision to review this book was my interest in the author's ability to retire at age 37. How can anyone afford to retire at the age of 37? What was he doing that I was not?

After reading the book, I could see how the author was able to achieve success. I wish that I had read this book 20 years ago; perhaps I would now be retired if I had implemented his thinking. You can be sure that now after reading the book I am applying the author's thinking to my own life.

While the author points out and gives you real life examples of how he achieved success, there is one predominant thought throughout the book that can assist you in achieving success. Read the book, you will find the secret as the author repeats and reinforces this point many times. Reflect on this point and you will see it truly is a secret of success!"

Quite amusing to read eh!
Isn't the fundamental idea of all the motivational stuffs to encourage people to find their passion in life, find passion for what they are doing. So that assumption in place, why would anyone want to retire from something that s/he loves doing :D

Hehee or is that book for the ones that have failed to channel their passion in their professional life and would thus seek to retire at the age of 37?
mmm...come to think of it, could one say that the people that long for early retirement have actually failed to find their passion in professional life and would thus try to make a quick run-through on a career that would allow to retire as soon as possible?

What's success anyway? Would you think the same 30 years from now?

Anyway, if you want to know what book it was, ask me :)

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