Friday, October 20, 2006

"How are you?"

asked a friend I hadn't talked to in a looooongg while. Well, I was somewhat confused when trying to define for myself how am I...I came to a concept of 'multidimensional well-being', depends on how and what to look at!

The easiest is my work - it's f***ing excellent, else it's been high on emotions. The past, the present, the future...memories and experiences all sort of crashed this week....actually really really crashed.

"I'm doing good" was the quick sum-up of the multitude of dimensions, which in the end was true. Doing good or bad is up to me, right, so I prefer to be doing good. And mostly I manage.

"You could say "hi" sometimes" said the friend. Yeah I had not done that in a while...part of it due to memories I didn't want to have awakened, a big part.

"Yeah, I will", I said, "But only if you promise that the conversation goes beyond "How are you?" - "I'm doing good? and you?"" was my condition.

He promised.

Footnote: actually there's many things that are f***ing excellent.
Trying thinking of 100 things you love in life, you'll see.


Liia said...

Tere Triinu,

Peale su viimase blogi sissekande lugemist mõistan ka su MSN-i nime paremini ;). Ole ikka tubli ja edu!


Kristi said...

Age. Lahe, et et leidsid endale just taiusliku too mis vastab sinu ootustele. Tubli oled!
Kirjuta monikord rohkem oma toost;)

tervitused wellingtonist

Deniss Rutsheikov said...

Hei Tru!

Nõustun Kristiga.

Räägime sinust noorematele liikmetele aeg-ajalt kui eeskujust, milline üks AIESECar võiks olla. Kuid kui nad küsivad, mida sa täpselt seal Brasiilias teed, tekivad mul raskused seletamisega. :)

Nii et aita mind ja kirjuta oma tööst rohkem :)

Su fänn Deniss