Thursday, December 15, 2005

an AIESEC addict forever

Addicted to AIESEC?! In my case - seems like it at least :))
It's been more than 6 years since I joined, out of that 4 yrs on MC/LC boards, since finishing my VPF term in 2004 have basically been engaged with CSR only in AIESEC.

Lately I've done some heavy browsing in communitys for a crazy idea I had - to apply for LDS facilitator!! Well let's see if that plan will realize, but nevertheless - the whole thing has made a lot of great memories come back to me and as I was reading the MC blog and it felt like starting to fill in another MC application :))...Seems like the years only increase my fascination for AIESEC!
Passion, Drive and Effort for making things happen - Motivating - International - Leadership & Management experience - Friends across the World - and so much more!!
Ehh!! What a great place to be!!

I dont want to rank my friends as best and second best, but one thing for sure - these people I have worked closely together in AIESEC will be there for me forever and that's wonderful feeling!!