Thursday, March 23, 2006

Back on track

Just about 2 weeks ago I was talking to a friend that "oh what a fun it'd be to catch a little flu and be officially sick for a few days - just as a little break, have some rest, watch TV and do nothing!"
And there I went - last Monday when I was on an audit visit to a place called Vana-Vigala I did fell terribly sick, so that I was lying in bed for almost the whole week with 38-39 degrees fever. It was a bit more than I had wished for - I couldnt even get out of the bed for the first 4 days at all, later it got a bit better. During the process I figured it ain't that much fun to be sick, what I could do next time is just take a few days off (whenever I feel I'd deserve an excuse to be at home and take time off). Actually the only positive things that I could come up with are that I lost about 3 kilos while sick and that I actually did have some rest :))

Yeah well now I'm all healthy and fine again, it's my first day back in the office again. I ought to be working hard now, but instead I'm writing a posting to my blog. I have got just 1,5 weeks left here at my current job, so my thoughts are wondering off & around already, but well in 2 minutes I get myself together again!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Changing times

Besides the fact that it's my last month at the current job as internal auditor, it also appeared that I urgently need a new place to stay as well!
I have known for a while the owners want to sell the current place, and they themselves were thinking of doing that later this spring. However they thought they'd still put the sales add on web right now..just for a trial kinda thing...considering the heat on the real estate market, of course the potential buyer was there the next day (for a 3 mln EEK apartment!!!). So I have about 2 weeks to find a new place! If you happen to have a free spot for me, let me know :)