Thursday, March 23, 2006

Back on track

Just about 2 weeks ago I was talking to a friend that "oh what a fun it'd be to catch a little flu and be officially sick for a few days - just as a little break, have some rest, watch TV and do nothing!"
And there I went - last Monday when I was on an audit visit to a place called Vana-Vigala I did fell terribly sick, so that I was lying in bed for almost the whole week with 38-39 degrees fever. It was a bit more than I had wished for - I couldnt even get out of the bed for the first 4 days at all, later it got a bit better. During the process I figured it ain't that much fun to be sick, what I could do next time is just take a few days off (whenever I feel I'd deserve an excuse to be at home and take time off). Actually the only positive things that I could come up with are that I lost about 3 kilos while sick and that I actually did have some rest :))

Yeah well now I'm all healthy and fine again, it's my first day back in the office again. I ought to be working hard now, but instead I'm writing a posting to my blog. I have got just 1,5 weeks left here at my current job, so my thoughts are wondering off & around already, but well in 2 minutes I get myself together again!

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