Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Just have to show off :)

This summer by brother Taavi and my course mate Kadri got married - yehooooo!!! I know it was like 5 months ago already, but as I didn't have the pics on my laptop earlier I have to share them with you right now!!

Aren't they like the most beautiful ever!! And overall my favourites :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Farewell to Krissukas!!!

8 am
Girls and Coffee and Some Scrambled Eggs :))
Last hours in Estonia in a while for one of us ;)

Our Krissukas is going back to Bangladesh!!!! For another 1,5 years!!



oh and the date on the pic is obviously wrong...must have forgotten to adjust it.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Slow Down Week

It actually just finished - the Slow Down Week by Adbusters, Jan 16th-21st, 2006!

Slow Down Week is all about exploration and adventure, experimenting with new rhythms for a more enjoyable, fulfilling, interesting and meaningful life. Now, before you get too excited, take a second . . . relax. There's no need to start planning feverishly for your perfect week in the slow lane. Take it as it comes.

How many of us would feel the point Adbusters are making relevant?! I guess way toooo many :))

Wanna see more, CLICK HERE!!

Daily routine

In fact I dont have this one at all right's 3 am and I decided to have pizza for dinner :D!!

huh! It all started with late arrival from Brussels on Wednesday nite (at abt 1 am). I still stayed up then for some urgent e-mails and slept in the next morning until about noon (study leave this week) and continued like that until a result of that I seem to have shifted to some mid-Atlantic time zone!!

Luckily I dont seem to be the only one...was indeed interesting to read Jaan's new piece of writing at abt 5 am last nite and feedback it before he'll send it for's nite service has gone for translating some CSR materials for Vaderegio project...(yam pizza tastes good!)

This staying up late thing (other than going clubing, when I'd naturally stay up late :)) reminds me of Uni times in Tartu where sometimes day and nite got completely mixed up. That was almost 3 years ago as after starting full time work I've been on rather 'normal' schedules (well...some friends are still concerned that I dont sleep enough - but I think I'm ok :).

hehee...well I'm back to Uni now...just with an exception that I have till Monday morning to get back in shape and start work in the morning!!

I'm sure I'll manage :)

except I just got an idea of smth to still look into before heading for the Dreamland ;);)

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Thoughts on blogging

Today I've spent about half a day updating my blog (links to friends blogs!!), changing the template etc etc...come to think of it - is the whole blogging thing some sort of fashion, way to keep in touch, show up...or what?

It's definitely new and I'd say kinda trendy thing...yet I indeed appreciate that blogging serves as a link to many of my friends that I dont see so often these days!
What's fascinating is that I can sometimes be in conversation with my friends that I usually would not have! Like Peep's blog about his life there in Dubai etc...same about many other... in a way it's kinda like a door to (hm...dont wanna say 'a soul')..a door to the person (and personality) really!
Blogs often capture the uniquness of a thought at that moment...a thought that maybe otherwise wouldn't be said at all!

As you see from my own blog - I'm not particularly good at posting.
Yet it's been kinda magical day today - I've visited Dubai again through Peep's eyes, went to China with Triini, to Holland with Minnikas...dropped in Bangladesh and so on and on...and in the end of the day I'm happy :)

In particular about the fact that my friends are such great people!!!

Friday, January 20, 2006

New year resolutions

Some people say they dont like new year resolutions. In a sense that why having them for new years only, which all in all is just a random day in a calender (but with a symbolic meaning for a fresh start and new beginnings) regards of the latter, why then not make a resolutions for the sake of a fresh start, I figured ;)

I only have one actually - my new year resolution is to finally go on an AIESEC internship programme :). Small progress is already made - my form is available in Insight, I've actually told my boss at work about my plans already. And I'm actively searching for available internships at this very moment!
The difficulty with me is that I only want a job role that is about CR/SD, and these ain't too many laying around in the global pool. Well I'll keep on searching! I actually applied for one already - SD executive in Alcatel, France - but didn't get it. I was the manager 2nd choice as they later told me, my weakness being not speaking French. Oh well, I guess there must be something else in store for me then!! Yet, the job description for that one was exactly something I'm looking for!!

In general I'm not too much into the resolutions thing - but just wanted to make one, the most 'critical' in a sense :).
If I think back some years, I remember making the new year resolutions with friends. I recall having mine varying around AIESEC, university, friends&family, sports... Only the priorities were different at different times. AIESEC usually still came first :))) (that also explains my grades in Uni :D).
I hope to make that up now while doing a MA in Estonian Business School, except that now CSR activities have replaced AIESEC, leaving the studies still somewhat behind....heheh...all in all I didnt want to make any resolutions about that stuff. Have to graduate the MA anyways - so why make a resolution out of it! If I won't graduate this year, I'll have to start paying for it and I think that's a better motivator than having made a new year's resolution :))

Thursday, January 19, 2006

A mini ITC 2001 reunion

Here it is!!

I was visiting Brussels for a CSR meeting in European Commission and while there had a great chance to meet up with good old friends from AIESEC!!

The 3 of us - Rafa, Pieter and me - have met up at various international events, but one that we all were attending was International Trainers Congress 2001 in Romania! heh great times!! So we called the meeting a mini ITC reunion :)))

Was great to catch up with you guys!!

Triinu and Daniela

Triinu and Daniela
Originally uploaded by rafuchoski.
Met with Rafael in Brussels, after 2,5 years! And this on the pic is his little Daniela!!
Soooooooooo cute eh!!!

(I'm testing now if I can put the pic up on my blog :))