Saturday, January 21, 2006

Thoughts on blogging

Today I've spent about half a day updating my blog (links to friends blogs!!), changing the template etc etc...come to think of it - is the whole blogging thing some sort of fashion, way to keep in touch, show up...or what?

It's definitely new and I'd say kinda trendy thing...yet I indeed appreciate that blogging serves as a link to many of my friends that I dont see so often these days!
What's fascinating is that I can sometimes be in conversation with my friends that I usually would not have! Like Peep's blog about his life there in Dubai etc...same about many other... in a way it's kinda like a door to (hm...dont wanna say 'a soul')..a door to the person (and personality) really!
Blogs often capture the uniquness of a thought at that moment...a thought that maybe otherwise wouldn't be said at all!

As you see from my own blog - I'm not particularly good at posting.
Yet it's been kinda magical day today - I've visited Dubai again through Peep's eyes, went to China with Triini, to Holland with Minnikas...dropped in Bangladesh and so on and on...and in the end of the day I'm happy :)

In particular about the fact that my friends are such great people!!!


Liia said...

Hästi vahva on sind taas "lugeda". Ma mingi hetk juba kartsin, et sa blogimise lõpetanud ja täna siis ei suutnud ma oma silmi uskuda, et sa vahepeal nii lehe väljanägemist muutnud kui ka päris palju juurde kirjutanud. Kõike paremat sulle!

Triinu said...

ooo aitäh aitäh!!

kusjuures avastasin alles nüüd, et olin blogi kommentaaridele modereerimise settingu peale pannud!!

ikka kirjutan ja kõike paremat sullegi!!