Friday, January 20, 2006

New year resolutions

Some people say they dont like new year resolutions. In a sense that why having them for new years only, which all in all is just a random day in a calender (but with a symbolic meaning for a fresh start and new beginnings) regards of the latter, why then not make a resolutions for the sake of a fresh start, I figured ;)

I only have one actually - my new year resolution is to finally go on an AIESEC internship programme :). Small progress is already made - my form is available in Insight, I've actually told my boss at work about my plans already. And I'm actively searching for available internships at this very moment!
The difficulty with me is that I only want a job role that is about CR/SD, and these ain't too many laying around in the global pool. Well I'll keep on searching! I actually applied for one already - SD executive in Alcatel, France - but didn't get it. I was the manager 2nd choice as they later told me, my weakness being not speaking French. Oh well, I guess there must be something else in store for me then!! Yet, the job description for that one was exactly something I'm looking for!!

In general I'm not too much into the resolutions thing - but just wanted to make one, the most 'critical' in a sense :).
If I think back some years, I remember making the new year resolutions with friends. I recall having mine varying around AIESEC, university, friends&family, sports... Only the priorities were different at different times. AIESEC usually still came first :))) (that also explains my grades in Uni :D).
I hope to make that up now while doing a MA in Estonian Business School, except that now CSR activities have replaced AIESEC, leaving the studies still somewhat behind....heheh...all in all I didnt want to make any resolutions about that stuff. Have to graduate the MA anyways - so why make a resolution out of it! If I won't graduate this year, I'll have to start paying for it and I think that's a better motivator than having made a new year's resolution :))

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