Sunday, January 22, 2006

Daily routine

In fact I dont have this one at all right's 3 am and I decided to have pizza for dinner :D!!

huh! It all started with late arrival from Brussels on Wednesday nite (at abt 1 am). I still stayed up then for some urgent e-mails and slept in the next morning until about noon (study leave this week) and continued like that until a result of that I seem to have shifted to some mid-Atlantic time zone!!

Luckily I dont seem to be the only one...was indeed interesting to read Jaan's new piece of writing at abt 5 am last nite and feedback it before he'll send it for's nite service has gone for translating some CSR materials for Vaderegio project...(yam pizza tastes good!)

This staying up late thing (other than going clubing, when I'd naturally stay up late :)) reminds me of Uni times in Tartu where sometimes day and nite got completely mixed up. That was almost 3 years ago as after starting full time work I've been on rather 'normal' schedules (well...some friends are still concerned that I dont sleep enough - but I think I'm ok :).

hehee...well I'm back to Uni now...just with an exception that I have till Monday morning to get back in shape and start work in the morning!!

I'm sure I'll manage :)

except I just got an idea of smth to still look into before heading for the Dreamland ;);)

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