Thursday, December 15, 2005

an AIESEC addict forever

Addicted to AIESEC?! In my case - seems like it at least :))
It's been more than 6 years since I joined, out of that 4 yrs on MC/LC boards, since finishing my VPF term in 2004 have basically been engaged with CSR only in AIESEC.

Lately I've done some heavy browsing in communitys for a crazy idea I had - to apply for LDS facilitator!! Well let's see if that plan will realize, but nevertheless - the whole thing has made a lot of great memories come back to me and as I was reading the MC blog and it felt like starting to fill in another MC application :))...Seems like the years only increase my fascination for AIESEC!
Passion, Drive and Effort for making things happen - Motivating - International - Leadership & Management experience - Friends across the World - and so much more!!
Ehh!! What a great place to be!!

I dont want to rank my friends as best and second best, but one thing for sure - these people I have worked closely together in AIESEC will be there for me forever and that's wonderful feeling!!

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Liia said...

Hei Tru! Hästi vahva on lugeda sinult taas uut postitust üle hulga aja. AIESECist on vist tõesti võimatu lõplikult lahkuda, annad sõrme...võtab käe. Aga õnneks on see kõik positiivne. Osaliselt tänu sinule minagi ju aieseci sattusin,..aga see selleks. Igaljuhul tore, et aiesec sulle ikka pidevalt uusi ja uusi väljakutseid pakub. Vahel tekib mul küll küsimus, et kuidas sa küll seda kõike (töö, csr, aiesec jne jne) jõuad?
Hoian pöialt sulle LDSiga seoses!