Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Grand tour de 2005: India - Bangladesh - UAE

August 23rd to September 18th. I had fantastic time :))))'d be too long to write my memories...I planned to do that while on the way, but did not manage...thus here just come some bits of memories in chronological order :)

Last minute panick, MA entrance exams & packing - MariLiis sending me off at Balti Jaam - chocolate candies & pictures - overnight train to Moscow - Elina joining from Jõhvi - me: sleep, Elina: work :)) - morning in Moscow - Bangladesh embassy & getting my visa done - sightseeing in Moscow: the red square - getting lost on my own - the visa & rushing to Domodetovo alone (Elina experiencing the Turkmenistan Airlines) - Fly Emirates! - welcome to sauna!! & sleepless hours in Dubai airport...

4 am flight to Delhi - the Lebanese businessmen - huh! it's hot in here!! - Pancheel Park 118 & meeting Elina - welcome back to India: paneer, rikshaws etc etc - a day in sarees - Partners in Change & meeting with Viraf - getting our business cards done - - mmm...Indian food is delicious :)) - Bedi, his friends & the night out (hmm...what club was it?) - shopping, shopping & more shopping - Hyatt, clubs, jaguars, Rajat & friends, no time to sleep...3 hrs still!! - train to Agra - Gaurav Jain from Agra - Jaypee Palace & AIESEC International Congress 2005 - PEEP & the Estonian MC team!!! - long time, no see: reunion with many many people from AIESEC - the AIESEC spirit!! - Sustainability Drive Team meeting - Corporate Responsibility Learning Network Day - India night - Estonian "meeting" ;) - 4 days flew by and off to Jaipur the Pink City - stolen laptop & 'police station' in Jaipur - Kunal Khetan -jewellery & shoe shopping in Jaipur - Elina back to Delhi (off to Himalayas) - Jaipur LC office again, managing urgent e-mails - meeting the EB - Cooba's place & Veronica's T-shirt :)))) - gossip - emotion management... - 02. september: train to Mumbai!!

....ok that was abt half way of my trip :)...i'll try to continue until the end some day :)))

20th of January, 2006

I promised to continue the snapshots of the journey - here I'm doing that...abt 5 monts later!!

continued where I left off:
- meeting friend Ronak in Mumbai - Juhu beach & dancing monkeys - wondering around in the neighborhood - judo competition :D - nite out in Mumbai - Vikram & 37 hours travel from Mumbai to Kolkata - early arrival - oh, Kolkata ain't as crazy place as I had heard of - SRFTI - movies, movies, movies - a 8 hours bus trip to Dhaka!!!

hehe...the border control :D - wow didnt think Bangladesh would be such a green country, reminds me of Kerala, India - arrive in Dhaka & meeting Kristel!! - late dinner - staying at Kristel & Helen's place - a bit of sightseeing - to Cox's Bazaar with Kristel, Rajon and Rajon's friend - the longest beach in the World - our nice beach houses - Angel Drop restaurant on the beach - meeting Daan - making fire on the beach - next day sightseeing tour & boat to the island - rainy day - back in Dhaka - us: the Bengalese women :) - some more sightseeing & rain - at the office of Lalmai Group - Hindi streets - shopping at the market for 4 hrs!! - eating out with Kristel - next day off to UAE

Peep still stuck in India!!! - figuring out my visa solution - 4 day transit - wow, Dubai is nice and HOT!! - + 40 degrees - London Creek Hotel - Dubai museum - some shopping - meeting Ana and Pieter - Daan also arrived for 1 day - Desert Safari with Daan: jeep safari, the camp, camel rides and belly dancing :)) - later pubing with Ana, Pieter and Daan - the DHL dancing team :D:D - FUNFUNFUN - Daan off to airport - sleep in - the SMART car and the 3 of us: me, Ana, Pieter - Lebanese restuarant, Jumeira beach, the soaks of Dubai - had a wonderful time!
Saturday the 17th of September - back home: flight to Moscow and a train to Tallinn from there!!

The whole trip was simply SUPER!!!

A week after I already thought of where to go next :)))

Let's see ;)

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It's nice to read short and very informative summary of your trip. Looking forward to read (or hear) about second half :).
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