Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My work: introduction

A snapshot, really.

Today me and my colleague were putting together an overview of sustainability (socio-evironmental) products the bank offers to its clients: investments into environmentally friendly technology, into working capital, mobility and education related products etc.

While doing that we had a meeting with a guy from products department, he's responsible for sustainability products and here's something I wanted to share.

Earlier today, a representative of a company had come to him to know more about what the bank can offer for his business. And that company itself is whom I wanted to introduce you.

A company called GOOC, a Brazilian one, founded by a Vietnamese businessman who immigrated to Brazil about 30 years ago or so. Do check out the web site as well. What was amazing is that all he produces is made of recycled materials: sandals, clothes, bags, wallets etc etc etc.
Very very nice things.
He has 500 manual workers here in Sao Paulo, offering employment for the underprivileged and less educated groups in society.

A business like that amazes me with how they see their role in society, the way they do business, understand the life cycle of products and resources etc etc. It's seems like such a sophisticated way of doing business, especially compared to the lectures I remember from uni highlighting the "obvious" role of business - to make as much money as possible.

"The objective of business is to maximize its profits" drums in my head from uni.
Luckily I have come a long way since then, and maybe see a bit bigger picture. Longer term at least.

In this new context of doing business, the role of banks is definitely changing. "I hate banking" said another great person I encountered today "in its traditional sense, like it was 10 years ago or so". Today surely the business is changing.

What's the economic, social and environmental impact of each dollar invested, we ask today.

Guys, I am sooooo excited being part of the process of asking and trying to answer these questions.

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