Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Leaving home, coming home

Just now finished my second day in Sao Paulo, my new home city for the next one year at least.
By the end of today I already feel settled in at home, kinda... quick adaptation :), at least to the immediate surroundings here.
I know I have loooootttsss to learn about the city, the people, the life styles and tradtions, the language (!!!!) etc etc...and I am excited!! I think I've kept telling that to all the people I have met today :))), my new collegues at work, AIESEC members in the LC office etc etc. That's cos I really feel that, I am soooooo excited!!!

I am living with Piret, another Estonian girl who is working in AIESEC here. We share an apartment in the MC house: 3 storeyed house in a neighbourhood called Vila Mariana, nice peacful place just about 30 minutes from my work (by metro of course :).

First impressions of SP, you ask - whohoooo whatta metropol!!! was what came to my mind when I first saw the area, where I am going to work: Paulista Avenue. It's one of the high avenues in SP, one skyscraper after another...read from somewhere it's called NY of Latin America. No doubt it seems to be that, but with a Latin touch ;)...compared to Guayaquil, it's like another world.

Yet, I cant continue without expressing my gratitude to the people that made my stay in Ecuador just so great!! Meeli, Tommaso, Aga, Aneta and Ina, the ATAMI family, David, Jorge, Carlos and many many others from AIESEC, Thanks!! I had super good time!
And I've got all the pics!! That was funny :D:D - burnig CDs in the airport lobby from Tommaso's laptop so that the airlines officials were already looking for me and I was the last person to run to the plane!! (But at least I got the pics :D)

Leaving Ecuador felt weird, I was emotionally confused as I was having this empty creepy feeling of leaving behind the people that I had met, lived with, and become good friends with - the people that were already part of my living abroad experience -; instead of being excited for the new start awaiting ahead in Brazil...in a sense it was different from when I left Estonia in the end of June. Then, after saying the good-byes, I pretty much focused only on what was waiting for me ahead, no looking back then.
Leaving Ecuador...had to look back :))), so again, thanks guys, we'll keep in touch! And remember, now it's your turn to visit me in SP ;)


Triinu said...

Correction: the house has 4 floors, normally it would be hard to miss, but the house is on the hill!! so it seemed to have 3 floors, but it actually does have 4 :D.
The hills are very characteristic to SP, kinda like San Fransisco. Gives a good excercise :))

Right now I have heard the best introduction of Rio from a MC guy Rod (I am still not sure about al the names, but I think I got it right :)!!
He's from Rio and according to him it's like a paradise! Hope to check it out soon!
It takes 8 hours by bus from SP...

Parruda said...

Tere Tere!
Ma olen brasiilane poiss elan eestimas, Tartus.
Vabandust, ma ragim natuke eesti keelt.
Vaga Meldiv!
Lahme ragima!
I'm a brazilian boy living in stonia, Tartu. Sorry, i speak a little of estonian language.
Nice to meet you!
Lets talk!