Monday, July 17, 2006

PANAMA - a quick one of July, 2006

Flying with COPA means always transiting in Panama since it’s Panaman airlines. Soooo...once that was the case I thought I definitely should see the City even for a little bit since I am anyway there in the aiport on my route Ecuador-Colombia-Ecuador.
Thus on my way back from Colombia to Ecuador, I took a 1 day stop in Panama arriving on Saturday and leaving on Sunday night.

Hehe...I must say I saw more of the night life than sightseeing around, but surely was super fun cruising the city at night (thanks Ricky :D), checking out what the place has to offer in terms of entertainment for club and pub lovers, and dancing till morning!
Some say that Ciudad de Panama is the Miami of Central America. It seemed to be true with it’s 24 hours shops, eating places etc available at any moment you crave for something.

Sleeping late on Sunday meant limited time for sightseeing (3 hours) before I already had to head to the airport. But couldn’t still resist the opportunity to look around as much as I could. Since my host was at work, I took a recommended bus to „the city center“, which eventually, when I got off the bus, did not seem much of a center, but more like some sort of must have been one of the few buses that did not go to the center :D:D...but no problems, the situation offered me a little adventure!

As my Spanish was, and still is, quite limited asking directions to the city center was a bit difficult, people kept poiting at one direction, but after having walked about 10 minutes, I felt myself no closer to the center as before. Hehehe...and to make the situation a bit more challenging, I didn’t have the map of the city either :D:D
What should always more or less work is taking a taxi to the destination you need, so that was my next thing to do.
Found a taxi on the street, a nice 26 year old guy who spoke only Spanish, who eventually offered me a 2 hour tour in the City to see the Isla de Flamenco and some other places for only 7 USD, and who later turned out to be a cop working on criminal investigation during weekdays and being a taxi driver on weekends...hehehe
So I got a nice sightseeing tour as well!
Time went by fast and I already started to run late for my flight, thus got home with the same taxi driver dude, packed quickly and headed to the that time I had only 2 hours left for my flight and about 40 minutes bus ride to the Airport ahead of me.
There ought to be a bus to the airport, but after 10 minutes waiting in the bus stop I decided to take a taxi (which ought to be 25 USD, and 15 if you bargin). Stopped a passing by taxi, and offered my last 8 USD that I had in cash. Worked! He took me to the airport. Got there just an hour before the flight – no problemos ;), I think that’s what one could call just-in-time-management...hehehe
Last good-byes and off I took to Guayaquil, back home to my ATAMI family (Thanks, Ricky for the message on the plane :).

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