Thursday, May 11, 2006

Radio Quito

That's part of my learning-to-speak-Spanish-plan :D - to listen to the local radio every day. It might sound a bit too ambitious, and honestly speaking, for the start I understand pretty much nothing. Well, I do some words to get an idea of what they are talking about, but not really getting the point they are making. But I'll try to at least get used to listen to the language - and they doooo speak awfully fast!!

I also browsed through the local newspapers and added some like La Hora, El Comercial, El Universo to my favourites list. The idea is to read an article in Spanish a day...translating the words that I don't know with online translator. Started already with it and that's much easier, I actually can understand pretty much the whole thing (with the help of translator, of course). Quite a useful way to learn the language, just have to be persistent with it...well, I shall try :)) it's a football match or something, I think the guy on the radio is going nuts soon :D:D:D, he's screaming like hell!!! And out of that I understand not a single word!!


krasaviza said...

sa tead, et saidil on kuulutus, et algavad kuuajased hispaania keele kursused?

Triinu said... vist proovin omapäi praegu keeleõppega hakkama saada ja võtan tansukursusi veits tõsisemalt :P

mmm...laupäeval on salsapidu!