Thursday, June 01, 2006

"M" like in Masters!

had a final presentation of my master thesis on Wednesday! In fact it was really fun!! haha...I think I flooded the room with my passion for CSR (which of course was the topic of the paper as well). Prior to the presentation, I didn't have too much time to dwell on it, become scared or smth...took it easy and it went excellent!!
It was quite a satisfying accomplishment for the week!

I actually hadn't really thought how it would feel to have the whole thing completed (MA!!), but it does feel grreeaatt. It was a 1 year program in Estonian Business School. Although MA as such is quite an achievement overall, looking back at the year, it really was on my top priority only at the time of writing the thesis (hyper-fast and intense period of time) - other priorities like work etc often came in first. Yet as the lectures were a few days a week, additionally the assignments needed to be done, it was quite exhausting time overall and I'm happy that it's over!!
Just the question - ok, so what's next? comes to a mind...a PhD??? early, maybe in 5-10 years...who knows.
Not that I dont know what I want to focus on - Sustainable Business Strategy - but still...too early! Need to work in this area before diving in the next academic endeavours :))
hehe...forgot to mention I got an A for the thesis, and might actually end up graduating MA cum laude (the honours). Well, why not ha :))

However, I need to write a bit on academic achievements.
I used to be a good student in secondary school, very good actually...didn't have all A's, but was close enough. I think it was mostly thanks to my parents guidance on teaching me the habits of getting the stuff done (school work) and being on the top of these things. I never really had an aspiration of or tried hard to be the teachers' fav..and I think I wasn't also - we had all-A students in class as well :))). But still, I was in the good lists, I know :D. Things just worked out well for me...studies, sports etc.
Finished high school with honours (silver medal as we have it) and with the thought that the grades really don't matter. I remember thinking that when I go to the Uni, I really want to get something done. I myself.
I had in mind joining AIESEC as I had heard about the organization already.

So guess what happened!!
Went to Tartu Uni to study economics, joined AIESEC and had amazing years: time for self realization and actulization, finding out who I am and what I want to do in the future, becoming way better person I believe...Met lots of inspiring people, made great friends for life, travelled the world, took responsibility and leadership roles by being the vice president of AIESEC in Estonia and also the president of AIESEC Tartu....oo so many exciting and exceptional things!!

Have to mention that in parallel to the time-of-my-life in AIESEC, the academic results were going down. In fact my grade point average was baaaaaddd, but I also didn't care toooooo much. I felt that AIESEC was waaayyyy more empowering experience for me and helped me to develop my personal and also proffessional qualities much more, whereas grades would be something of value on paper only...that's what I felt.

At some point I had this little creepy thought that maybe I am not able to get better results in all this academic stuffs, maybe I'm just not capable or smth, because Uni is still more than the high school. Yet, again I remained more or less confident that if I really wanted, I could do better. the honours in MA will do ;)))...great personal accomplishment for myself and a proof that my academic capacity didn't leave me in the end of the secondary school :D:D:D
hehe...I think I need to highlight though that I didn't take the MA course for the grades :D:D, but actually to provide myself a space to work on Corporate Responsibility in an academic context. And I did so, regarding the MA thesis. The other subjects were just complementary from my point of view, just good to feel that it finished successfully :)). And the people in Uni were great!! So in social sense it was also a nice experience!
Overall, I think it's worthwhile to continue academic studies in MA/PhD only, if one knows what s/he wants to get out of it, which sort of knowledge s/he wants to gain & what's the particular field of interest (passion!!) where the MA could contribute!

ok, enough of these school stuffs...there are much more important things than grades on paper ;)

oooh, and welcome to my graduation on the 16th at 12.00!


MT said...

You rock :)))

Triinu said...

ooo aitäh aitäh :)))
läks jah kuidagi kummaliselt libedalt (no tegelt mitu ööd pidi ikka üleval ka passima, a see ju käib asja juurde ;)))