Friday, June 30, 2006

Chimborazo: 5000 meters conquered

Since aiesecars are having exams this week I`m using the time to get to know the country. Me and Rauno decided to go for a 3 day trip to Riobamba, a small town with 126 000 inhabitants in the Andes.
After a 4,5 hours bus trip from Guayaquil, crossing the altitude of 3600 m on the way we made it to Riobamba. Today our conquest was the local peak of Chimborazo (6310 m) - well we made it to 5000 m only, but still :D - which is the highest peak from this point up to all across North America.
Actually I have to admit that a car - local taxi with a cool and extremely talkative driver Alfonso (or smth like that) - took us to 4800 m, and we only rose the last 200 m walking.
However it was totally new experience for me to be in this altitude, let alone make my way up there: heart beating as if I was heavily excercising and all that. And we made it! Pictures coming up soon!
Tomorrow, we`re gonna take a hell ride on the roof of the train for 6 hours, it`s called Nariz del Diablo!!! whiew...let`s see how that`s gonna be! I`m already pretty sure, I`ll freeze my arse off!!
I still refused the idea of buying additional warm clothes since I most probably won`t come to the mountains again so soon, my luggage is already overweight and my budget ought to be tigher than I`ve practiced so far :D. All that considered I think my the Air Madrid blanket will prove to be useful, as it has for a number of times already in this week :D:D.

And then, tomorrow nite - should I still be alive and kicking - is my welcome party to Guayaquil :))) excellent introduction to the weekend on the beach with bunch of AIESECcers and trainees here in EC!

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