Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Yeahh we did it!

Today we organized a summer seminar with our Responsible Business Forum, was good success, had about 50 people participating from various sectors including some very respected businesses in Estonia, also good presentations and discussions.

I feel tired (it's been a few months work with the seminar, additionally woke up 6 am this morning) and ...I feel a great feeling of accomplishment and kinda celebration, I'm also proud that me and Elina have managed to pull this whole thing together: now about 2 years of work with Responsible Business Forum, our CSR initative in Estonia.
Looking back it's been quite a job of developing the whole project, working with different stakeholders, making great efforts of communication & engagement, taking initative, trying to push the CSR agenda through...sleepless nights, hours of work, successes and frustrations, moments of celebration and some drawbacks as well, but most importanly our drive and passion to make it happen!! I feel sooo content for having the experience, and proud of ourselves of creating the opportunity not only for ourselves to channel our passion, but for many many other people to become engaged and thrive further regarding their interest in CR and sustainability!

Just today a friend of mine said that I should be very happy to have found the field I'm passionate about and want to contribute to....oo sooo right!! Lucky I am ha :))


Brazil is playing Croatia on TV...

And Metallica is singing "Nothing else matters" on the song festival grounds, where 85 000 ppl have gathered right now for their concert...good good (have to 'mute' the TV to listen :)


Another thought regarding football & taking initiative/making things happen (something like RBF has been for us)

It's like when you kick off a football, once you do so - apparently a lot of players are interested in playing along, chasing the ball, joining in for the came for fun and passion and creating a synergy of a team!!
BUT if the kick off wasn't there, if there was no-one taking the first move, you wouldn't really know who want's to play, whose passionate about football, who can contribute with their particular skills and knowledge & thus contribute to bringing the game to a whole new level...

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