Friday, September 29, 2006

One month later!

Actually I intended to post this piece already a few days ago, but for various reasons, it got delayed :))), in any case it's more or less update of my first month in Brazil!

Precisely, on the 13th of September 1 month passed since I arrived in Sao Paulo. Whieww time flies, really!! Hehe I already feel 1 year sill go wayyy too fast. But well, just need to take the max out of it I guess...

Just to put down, short and simple, the highlights of the first month:
- getting settled in my new home! Piret was away for almost one month (attending IC, going home), so I was on my own in our downstairs apartment of the MC house. Good that the MC gang is just a few staircases up, so whenever I’d feel toooo alone (which actually happens quite rarely, but still), I’d have the chance to go upstairs, where the TV room is the most common place for gathering in the evenings, sometimes through the whole night as well :D

- getting settled at workplace - it’s amazing! I know I am really really lucky to have been selected for the job in eduction and sustainable development department here in Banco Real. I believe it’s one of the leading companies globally in integrating CSR/SD in the daily practice. And to part of it, is amazing! Of course the company has a long way to go still compared to ideals, but it’s so inspiring to be part of the process. The first month went pretty much on meeting with all my collegues about their projects, attending some trainings and lectures, and project meetings, also getting myself assigned to one particularly intesting one on the business case of CSR. Good stuffs! Oh, and my collegues are super, I really enjoy being part of the team there!

- Learning portugese is another big task of mine. I haven’t been as tough on myself as I should be, meaning that I don’t try to speak Portugese in any possible moment (huuh I know I know, I should!!). I’m particularly lazy about that in our house, since everyone here speaks perfect English! Huh, I shall try to improve! Me and Diana from Canada started to take Portugese classes twice a week, have had it for 2 weeks now, surely helps! Gustavo – our teacher – is really cool guy as well!
But imagine that, all the meetings at work are in Portugese! After day full of meetings, my brain is really fried! Havent experienced learning a new language in a while, so I was wondering how it would feel :))), frustrating sometimes, but exciting at the same time.
I am persistant in a sense that I keep attending all possible events even if I don't understand much. I shall do that in some time for sure! Right now it goes with ups and downs, sometimes I feel I understand almost everything and the next day is as if I didn't know a word!!! huuhh!!!

- AIESEC involvement :), hehehe I still (after 7 years of being in AIESEC) feel very very motivated about number of AIESEC stuffs, discussing national and local strategies and their implementation, participating in meetings etc. Like always there’re are some issues related to exchange management, but I haven’t seen an LC that doesn’t face these challenges, and my conduct with the LC GV here has been really constructive, I like the AIESEC people here.
A week ago I was participating at TREMN (seminar for new members), where I also gave a session on CSR (no surprise eh :D), I really enjoyed. Got additional motivation to give my contribution in AIESEC in Brasil. I think it'll be more or less around CSR though.
Since I live in the MC house, I am still in the middle of it all!! Oh and one of my tasks at work is to support the delivery on ABN-AIESEC partnership :P

- Paraty. 7th of September was an independence day for Brasil, so it meant a long weekend for the working people ;). So 10 of us (mostly trainees here in Sao Paulo) went for a 4 day trip to Paraty, a wonderful small town by the beach near Rio...mmm....we went by 2 cars, rented a lovely chalet just by the beach 5 minutes from Paraty, enjoyed the beaches, the town, took a whole day long boat trip to the nearby islands, went trecking to cachoeiras (waterfalls) with Gerardo and Alexandra etc! Was really really relaxing and enjoyable weekend! I shall get some pictures up here as well!

- Social life in Sao Paulo - the city here never sleeps! One could go clubbing every day of a week here, not to mention numberous restuarants of all sorts of cuisines from all around the world, museums, shows, concerts etc. That all naturally means we cant stay in the house either – Tuesday nights in Buena Vista dancing salsa with other trainees, occassional beers in Opcao with collegues or trainees, clubbing with friends, b-day parties of friends of friends’, churrascos etc etc. that's shortly (but really shortly though) it, I promise to improve with updates on my blog!

oh and some great news!! Taavi and Kadri are coming to visit!!! Yehuuuu!!! on 25th of Feb they shall arrive!

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Liia said...

Hei Triinu!

Hästi tore sinust lõpuks kuulda. Hästi vahva, et sa endale sada erinevat tegevust oled leidnud aga noh, ega sa ju vähemaga lepigi ;).

Ole tubli ja hoia meid ikka kursis oma tegemistega.