Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Just thought of adding a comment here regarding my views on doing business.
While being keen on the green, sustainable, responsible business, I'm not an anti-business campaigner, I'm completely pro-business. I just think that contemporary times require us (for various reasons) & propose an opportunity to take much broader look at business, that is beyond the traditional single bottom line (turnover, profit).
We now look at business from more global perspective, along the value chain and the overall impacts along the life cycle of products/sercives, considering the social and environmental impacts of doing business. And for business, it has to do with both: risk management and business opportunities.
It's exciting time of re-thinking & re-modeling & re-inventing business/doing business. That itself does not imply a need to compromise the strive for profitability.

I'm inspired by this.

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