Monday, May 19, 2008

A Man Without a Country

Just finished – in one go – Vonnegut’s last book „A Man Without a Country“, and wanted to highlight it.*
It’s humorous, yet critical and concerned, full of insights and reflections about the politics, society & life in the US (and the world).
The starting lines „There’s no reason good can’t triumph over evil, if only angels will get organized along the lines of mafia“ reflect well the author's style.

The book is very enjoyable and thought provoking, one thing that surprised me was the extent of Vonnegut’s concern about the future of humankind „...It seems to me that people live like the members of AA: day by day. And a few extra days is enough. I know very few of that kind of people that dream about the world left for their grand children."
„That’s the end of good news about anything. Our Planet’s immune system is trying to et rid of people. This is sure the way to do that.“

And there's a lot more...about integrity, honesty, war on Iraq, little Marsians etc

* especially so in the context, where I remember myself as a teenager checking out the "Breakfast of Champions" and thinking (regarding his style) "hm... that's a weird book", it went for his style of writing as well as illustrations. I guess it's all about timing. I really enjoyed it this time.

PS. it's a bit another topic, but I also loved Jaan's "Hingelõõm" particularly for how the illustrations/comics where integrated with the content/the story itself. I actually hadn't seen the illustrations given that big share in a novel before. (My ignorance might have to do with a fact that I've spent years of not reading too much other-than-for-my-work literature :).

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