Thursday, May 08, 2008

Gucci recycled?

I've worked in a bank that aims at bringing economic, environmental and social aspirations together, including giving incentives for their clients and suppliers to do the same.
I soon hope to be able to start working in my new job in a cosmetics company that values sustainable production and biodiversity, cooperation with local producer communities, aims at having 0 carbon footprint, offers refills for their products etc.
These being a few examples of businesses going "green", more sustainable...

Yesterday, after passing through a KG shop (luxury shoe brand) in Gatwick airport (all the shoes made in Brazil, by the way), I casually browsed through the Kurt Geiger's web site. Beautiful beautiful shoes!!!

And then a bit awkward thought came to my mind - how do the luxury brands and the whole sustainable development movement fit together? Do they at all?
I mean, honestly, I can't imagine the expensive luxury brands like Gucci, KG, Armani, Fendi, Louis Vuitton etc being associated with greener production, sustainable value chain management, fair trade and pricing, or you name it sustainability issue.
It just does not seem to fit together!?!

heheh I mean, just try to imagine anyone being proud of a recycled Gucci bag!!!

On the same note, I noticed the year 2007 marked as the "Celebrities going Green" year. Interesting eh!
Sheryl Crow campaigning for stopping global warming, Leonardo diCaprio promoting hybrid vehicles, Alicia Silverstone renovating her home to be eco-concious etc. I think these are good signs of changing public attitudes.

And on the top of it, found a blog item from the Luxury Summit, which claims that it's now in fashion to be green and fabulous. And that not only for the talk of it, but the customers have really started to look behind the label.


Riina said...

lugesin eile teemaga haakuvat blogipostitust pandipakendite tagasiviimisest ja "viktooriapekkami" teksadest.

Eks see kõik hakkab ikka kodust peale, aga see et kuulsused, kellest tänapäeva noored endiselt väga palju malli võtavad, rohkem sellistele teemadele tähelepanu pöörvad, aitab mõttemaailma muutmisele ka usinasti kaasa ;)

e.Lu said...

olen alati uhke, kui leian kaltsukast mõne "tõelise" brändieseme :) näiteks viimane kord sain titale Ralph Laureni dressika :D 25 krooni tükk :P:P

aga kus sa siis resideerud nüüd?