Monday, May 05, 2008

Are you mad?

"You are not mad at me, are you?" asked my friend apparently a bit concerned about a recent short personal argument.
"Hmm...I guess not really" was my a bit vague answer.

I guess I had a bit of reason to be upset, and I had this little stingy feeling inside as if someone had bitten a bit of my ego or something. But yet, I knew I really shouldn't be mad. I've learned that by being mad I don't really proceed anywhere, I just stay stuck in my own self destruction or in worst case burst it out and make the initial argument even worse.
It surely helps if I can get myself out of the situation by taking a look at myself through someone else's eyes. If you know what I mean, that is to leave my hurt ego aside and think what just happened. And to learn from it, and do something with these learnings, that is to channel this energy somewhere else but into the feeling of madness. And not seem totally indifferent regarding what just happened (the argument).
ehhh...I still have to reflect on that and try to make this a bit more consistent for myself...

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