Friday, May 16, 2008

Brazil: greenest lifestyles & GRI reporting awards

Just red a few newsbits about Brazil in

First one saying that Brazil, India are having the world’s most environmentally-sustainable lifestyle, according to a study tracking global attitudes towards consumption and the environment. There were four key areas in observation: housing, transportation, food and goods.

It's good news, but I'm very sceptical - I think that the consumption would increase in accordance with the household incomes and increase in spending power.

Yet, there's something special about Brazil (maybe I've felt that because I've been more exposed to such kind of people, but still) there's a certain (higher) sensitivity and energy in Brazil/brazilians in general and also regarding social and environmental topics, new lifestyles, innovation etc, certain spirituality.
I don't think it yet affects the mainstream (consumer), but it could soon.

The second news was about GRI reporting awards, where Brazil (Petrobras) and India (ABN Amro) won a few award categories. It's a good sign to demonstrate that the global best practice in sustainability is not anymore only concentrated in Europe (UK, Gery, Fra, NL etc), or USA, but the developing countries are right there on the map.
Like I said, Brazil is a good place to keep an eye on regarding CR/sustainability innovation (let's hope the general policial-economic climate will also remain positive).

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