Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Thinking about moving a city?

Thinking about relocating to another city?
How about Masdar - Abu Dhabi's £12 billion city, first eco-designed city in the world (actually Dongtan in China was first, but looks like Masdar is taking a leap ahead).

The city's vision includes principles of a zero-carbon, zero-waste and car-free. Masdar has been designed to be powered by wind energy and solar power from photovoltaic farms. Now that building work is underway, and solar testing facilities have begun to feed the city’s grid, the developers hope that Masdar’s example can persuade other parts of the United Arab Emirates to follow suit.

Sustainable citizen by choice

I like the comment of Masdar's city development unit director Khaled Awad. He hopes that once the wider community has a better understanding of their own environmental footprint they will change the way they consume, making it “unnecessary for Masdar to have rules for behaviour that is not sustainable or even warranted”.

For example, there will be no limits on individual energy consumption and residents will be able to drive cars, as long as they are parked outside the city’s boundaries at all times.

Read the whole article in Ethical Corporation here.

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