Saturday, June 07, 2008

Hummers out of fashion

If I look on the streets of Estonia, it seems to me that the time where a size of a car directly correlated with the owner's authority, prestige etc. have started to pass. Reasons could be many, but clearly there's no practical and real need for anyone to own a massive car like, for example, Hummer in Estonia.
I have seen fewer of these on the streets than 2 years ago. Or so it seems at least. That even though people have become wealthier. The reasons might be purely financial, its still expensive to maintain a vechicle like that.

And anyway, in the era of ours (the sustainability perspective!), can anyone really be proud of driving a powerful car that, by no means, is really justified?
I'm just curious to know, how the people that do drive these kinds of cars, think.

This thought came to me, when a shiny, majestetic (red!) Hummer passed me by in Tallinn the other day.

And then I read that General Motors itself is having some doubts about the future of the brand:
"It [GM] may also discontinue or sell off its well-known Hummer brand in a bid to develop more environmentally friendly vehicles as oil prices soar, the company said on Tuesday." by Al Jazeera News.

On 03/07/2008, a comment:
After a re-think, I don't think the mainstream has changed in Estonia. Being sustainable is not in fashion, but true, the segment of the "englightened elite", although still a niche, is still growing. I would have to explain that a bit, I'll come to that, when I come to that.

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