Thursday, April 10, 2008

Invest in genocide free world

Would you ever think that by buying stock of foreign companies such as PetroChina on US stock market you would be supporting genocide in Sudan?

There are already a few examples of shareholder activism, where the proposals ask for procedures to screen out companies who "substantially contribute" to genocide. Organizations working on passing the proposals include the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, Physicians for Human Rights, American Jewish World Service, Genocide Intervention Network, The ENOUGH Project, The Aegis Trust and the Unitarian Universalist Association...etc.

For example, the US companies are already prohibited from doing business with the Sudan government and Sudan oil companies. HOWEVER, US investors and mutual funds can still buy shares of foreign companies that trade on US stock markets, such as PetroChina, that profit from Sudanese oil.

I red this newsbit today on SRI News, and became thinking of the INTERDEPENDENCIES again, and of the fact how many decisions are actually made uninformed.

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