Monday, February 11, 2008

"Why is it that only children have flying dreams?"

Mr. Jones to a woman "Have you ever dreamt about flying?"
Woman thinking, "hmm...I guess when I was little..."
"EVERYBODY says so!!!!!" Mr Jones, irritated, "Why is it that only children have flying dreams??"


One day some years ago I, all of a sudden, realized I can't fly...weird! funny! hein!
I mean where did that come from, right? That'd be a down-to-earth question.
And I don't mean the kind of flying like "flap your wings and fly", but a bit'abstract'...more like floating in the air.
The thing is that the sensation of flying seemed quite real, I guess I had dreamt it ... and one day I woke up with a realization that although I knew the sensation, I had actually not 'done' it, it was not real, not visible, not touchable.

I guess I could have come to that if I had actually given it a thought before. But one doesn't really wonder about it that often eh :). It was just "out-of-a-box" discovery, waking up with a realization that "I can't fly"!!!


On a second thought, maybe this sensation of flying was related to the fact that I did quite a lot of swimming when I was younger, and since in water the sensation of balance is different, maybe that's where the whole flying thing came from!

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