Sunday, December 09, 2007

Maintain the fish in the sea!

Yesterday I gave a presentation at an AIESEC seminar about my experience in working in ABN Amro Banco Real in the area of Sustainable Development. Various presentations alike where conducted that day, wherein one a presenter brought a very simple example of what is sustainability:

- giving someone a fish, that's philantrophy
- teaching someone to fish, could be referred to as a social or community investment*
- making sure that there's always fish in the sea, that's sustainability

How simple is that :)

* the presentation was made from a corporate point of view, similar deed could be considered a social entrepreneurship, depending on the actor.

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Carlos said...

Triinu, gostei do post. Eu não havia ouvido esta definição. Gostei, pois é simples e faz muito sentido.
Carlos Abdalad