Friday, August 05, 2005

The rain

Last night while driving in the car back abt midnite...started thinking abt the rains in India. It had been and still was raining in Tallinn area for a few hours yesterday...large raindrops (thousands and thousands of them) running rapidly down the car windshields.
Tried to imagine the floods, mud and stuff...
I wonder how is it going to - a backpacker in India.

They say Mumbai will be ok by then...but never know what's in the east..and in shall see...I actually didnt expect such heavy floods, but well...shall see then!

I sometimes think I have a tendency of misjudging possible threats...not just regarding travel but otherwise as well. Not that I worry abt myself...but sometimes just catch myself thinking that maybe I shud at least occasionally.

oh well everything will be ok anyways so what's the worry...

There's a song abt rain on a radio right now (a love song actually)

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