Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Clothing brands

In the morning I took a tram to work. Like most of the other mornings, as I like to sleep until the last minute...hmm...and then a few more minutes :P.
Anyhow I was sitting in the tram and there was a girl in front of me wearing kinda dressy looking bag with a big logo (well huge actually!!...like half of the bag was covered with it). Nike or Puma or smth...

I started to wonder why would one want to wear a nice bag with such a huge robust logo on it!!! It doesn't even look nice!!
I do understand that some people need labels to be someone (I think). (I guess I don't - at least not the label)

Others consume brands for quality assuarance...that's actually a valid point, although not always true, considering the effect of globalization and the fact either brand or not could be produced in the same factory in China...

Just a thought in a tram this morning while going to work and observing people.

In the light of this would recommend you to see the movie "The Corporation".
I know I know...it's basically impossible to find in Estonia, so before you go rushing through all the video rentals & any possible store (you wouldnt find it anyways), just ask me!
I'll borrow you the movie :), had it specially delivered from the UK!

Main message - know what you wear (I know it's quite a difficult task!!), an easy one to begin with is to start questioning!

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