Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A small victory!

Ohhhhh!! I just have to put it here!
I was chairing an AIESEC conference this weekend in Curitiba and I did it all in portuguese!!! Yeeeaaayyyy, that´s one of the really really tangible things I´ve learnt this year!

Nowadays, at meetings or listening to some presentations, I remember how a year ago being in a similar situation I barely got an idea of what was going on! And now, I actually get it and I am able to actively participate in more or less similar terms with others! You can´t (or maybe you can) imagine how good it feels right now (and how challenging it was in the beginning)!!

And about the AIESEC conference - was really really great to be there with a new generation of members. I told them there in the closing plenary that I probably will stay involved in AIESEC forever - this crowd (and people alike) just really inspire me!


Anonymous said...

väga tubli! näen, et Sul tuleb kõik kenasti välja ;)

leidsin Su (taas) ehk eile öösel Peep Laja blogi kaudu. tere ka minu poolt Kaug-Idast!

Leelo Maarja

Klevanstoteny said...
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Rafael Cordeiro said...


Bah, couldn't talk to you much at the SDL. Didn't have much time to read on your blog, but I wanna know of your impressions until now about it here in Brazil and how everything is going.

Hehe, also curious to talk about Estonia *long term interest*

So, hope we can catch up and grab a beer or something in São Paulo one of these days.

take my mail, write when you can.

head aega =)

Rafael (@USP Alumni)

e.Lu said...

nii tore ja nii kurb samal ajal! tore, et hästi läheb ja kurb, et Sind veel niipea ei näe!
aga noh, ma olen praegusel hetkel kindel, et ükskõik kus mujal on parem kui eetis :P aga kui lagle kah ära prantsusmaale läheb, siis ma tõesti ei tea, miks mina veel siin passin :P

Bárbara said...

Que legal!!! Parabens!! :)
Eu tambem quero aprender tcheco... vou me inspirar em ti ;)

Saudades de ti... ;)

Tu ainda esta no Brasil?