Tuesday, July 26, 2005


One of the most exciting things is about to happen :)) - my twin brother Taavi and my course mate from uni - Kadri - are gettin married!!! whoohoo! cool heh!!

Now to celebrate the event accordingly we throw a bachelorette party for Kadri this weekend :P. Although I dont believe in planned parties too much, this one turned out excpetionally well...and yeah, we actually started getting our ideas together for that a few weeks earlier already.

Now imagine that...handsome guy dressed in a suit to pick up Kadri to take her out for a "date"...a rose and a class of champagne was there to make it look more real...and romantic ;)...then insted of a date (actually!!) he's driving Kadri to the port where 12 of us are welcoming her with...more champagne :))))

Then going yachting for a few hours to enjoy the picturesque Tallinn from a distance and to hold a bikini photo session for her - hehee..the album is soon to be published!!
After that we went to Liisa's for a chinese food and drinks, also to dress her up in a sexy fox costume, which she had to wear the rest of the nite!!
A special event for this part of the evening was a quiz about Taavi...every wrong answer by Kadri cost her a vodka shot to be drank, and every correct one...well somebody else she pointed had to drink it then :)

With no further due we headed to the old town of Tallinn, where Kadri tried out her selling and marketing skills with candies and kisses (on a cheek of course!)! Dancing in front of the Sõprus movie theatre, auction at Molly Malone's, and drinks at Stereo...some highlights of what followed!

AND..I almost forgot that one - after the City tour we headed back to Liisa's for hot'n'spicy..hehe...strip show!! That guy was actually the first real strip-dancer I ever saw and I must say he was good - thus I could recommend in case you need one for your own or anyone elses entertainment ;)

All that behind we headed to Bonnie & Clyde nightclub!!

Cheers!! to soon to be married :)))

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