Monday, June 27, 2005

Some thoughts about flying

Just about 2 months ago I took up a new adventure - skydiving :))...really good stuff, and getting better every wine, sex, number of other things. Of course the time dimension doesnt actually always work, but with skydiving it does - i've figured that out by now :)

I'm not gonna get into all the details of flying or in my case it's more like 'trying to fly' :)...but just one thought that came to my mind right now - skydiving actually really helps to balance life. In a number of ways:

a) the budget - it sure helps to keep the income/expenditure ratios proportionate :) - for those who dont know, it's not remarkably cheap to learn to fly :)))

b) work vs hobby/sports/outdoor activities - if you also happen to spend too many hours behind your laptop screen, then try skydiving - it sure takes time spent outdoors!!

Well now actually, come to think of it - it doesnt 'balance' everything, cos:

c) the challenge of actually getting the whole thing right (to actually manage a proper dive not just a random flip in the air or anything even worse) is thrilling, and yet only adds to what's there already in my everyday life (I somehow only seem to have positive challenges though (more like opportunities these are) as for now, and that's great ;)

d) fun, enjoy and all this good stuff - skydiving adds one more dose!

What's particularly good about skydiving is simply spending a day out in the open air! I never thought it'd matter that much, but just now I've realized how office(indoors)-based-lifestyle I've acquired....
Of course of course...there's the thrill of free falling from 4 km...but I'm not yet there ;), I guess it'll take some time before I get to these hights...until then I'll keep on trying at the 1,5 km with proper exit and fleer at landing!

That's it for now...back to work ;)

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